SOLVED: HP Laserjet Printer 1020 Plus and Win 7 x64

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All around the web I’m seeing people having loads of troubles installing HP LaserJet 1020 Plus Printer; an otherwise average printer for Home-business. I was one of them; just couldn’t get the drivers to install/work on my Sony Vaio E-Series with Windows Home Basic 64 bits.

Ultimately, what surprised me tons was that when I tried to install “HP LaserJet 1020 and 1022 Printer Series Hostbased Plug and Play Basic Driver”, i.e. the bare minimum drivers from HP website, it always failed. I almost always prefer basic drivers as against bloated driver packages. But in this case, I noticed that the basic drivers were Updated on Jan 28, 2014 whereas  the “HP LaserJet Full Feature Software and Driver” was Updated on Aug 6,2015.So, bloat aside, I used this Full Feature Software and Driver and bingo! My HP Laserjet Printer 1020 Plus was perfectly installed on Win 7 x64 in a single attempt; Test Page printed fine!

Hope this helps.

GTA San Andreas Win 7 x64

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Having finished a disappointing GTA V, I reinstalled my GTA San Andreas, only to find it full of problems. My system is Intel i5-2400, Asus Strix (Nvidia Geforce GTX 960), Corsair Vengeance 8 GB DDR-3 RAM But I think the greatest issue is Windows 7 Ultimate Edition 64 bits Before anybody complains, it all legit, the game and the OS. Now, issues and possible solutions:

1.Run in Compatibility mode for Windows XP SP3,  Disable “Visual Themes”, Disable “Desktop Composition”, Disable Display Scaling on High DPI settings”.

2. Textures look patchy. Solution: Turn on 32 bit resolution from Advanced Settings and Restart the game.

3 . Mouse won’t work. Solution: Apparently you have to place dinput8.dll file in the game directory. This one worked for me.

4. In Mission Home Invasion, CJ will keep tripping and getting wasted immediately. Solution: Turn On the Frame Limiter. The FPS will get shitty but keep it on for this one mission.

5. CJ goes out of the Gym and enter right back again. Solution: Well….this is not much of a solution but keep doing this repeatedly and eventually CJ would be able to leave the Gym.

6. In the mission with Woozie, Mountain Cloud Boys, CJ will simply not move or perform any action after entering the ‘red circle’. Solution: Don’t park the car in the ‘red circle’. Stop the car away from it and take CJ to the ‘red circle’ on foot…Woozie would follow and the mission would progress.

Beware of Blue Dart Courier Services

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Ian Fleming once wrote, “Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action“.

Blue Dart courier service (Blue Dart Express Limited, to be more precise); well, once upon a time I considered it to be fast, reliable and one of the best. My latest experiences, however, have taught me otherwise.

Inceident No. 1: I receive my Citibank Credit Card statements through Blue Dart. One fine day, I noticed a blue colored envelope jutting out of a letterbox belonging to my neighbor (for those who are not familiar, in some apartments, we have a small pigeon coop like metal box fixed at the ground floor, in which oridinary post is dropped by the postman so he need not come up all the storeys). Now, ain’t a Blue Dart delivery supposed to be made against a signature by the recipient. So, how did that courier end up in the ordinary letterbox? That too, not belonging to me but to my neighbor! Had I not noticed it, my financial transactions would have been open for the world to see. How could he have done this? Obviously must have faked signatures, dropped the courier in the first box he could notice and flee, to avoid walking up three storeys (our building does not have a lift).

Incident No. 2: This time it was an overzealous delivery boy from Blue Dart who insisted that a courier belonged to me, while my mother, on the contrary argued that it was not mine since it did not have my name. Heck it was a PAN Card referring to a Company name. The address was almost same as mine but erred in one small detail, hence this confusion. The delivery boy could easily have taken it back a undelivered/delivery refused. Instead, he literally forced it upon my mother and rushed off.  Ultimately, I returned it by post to the Income Tax Deparment but consider the plight of the Company whose PAN Card would appear to have been delivered in Courier tracking, yet, it was not.

Incident No.3: What an ironical world this is. Incident number 3 is quite the opposite of aforesaid incident no.2. I was awaiting delivery of my Debit Card on the day the it was expected. I actually saw the delivery boy from my balcony in the building opposite to mine and assumed that he must be making a delivery there also. After about 20 minutes passed, I checked the tracking status and to my horror, it stated, “Delivery Attempted – Premises Closed”. The asshole had confused the address…wonder at his literacy level as house numbers are clearly marked at each door. To add insult to injury, Blue Dart customer support refused to accept the mistake despite my repeatedly narrating then my ‘eyewitness’ account of things. Maybe, I’d have to make a fresh request to my bank now…more waiting … more card issuance charges.

Thank you Blue Dart. You Suck. Don’t use Blue Dart. Sue Blue Cart. File Consumer Complaints against Blue Dart.

Raymond Shop, Gandhi Bros. Opp. M2K, Rohini

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Hi Everyone. Posting after a long time, but I really wanted to share my experience with the Raymond Shop, Gandhi Bros. located at Sector – 7, Rohini, Delhi, Opposite M2K Cinema. I wanted to have two suits tailored by them for myself and one for my father (the fabric was my own Raymond). So we approached the shop on 13.01.2015, promised trial on 21.01.2015 and final delivery within 10 days in all, i.e. 23.01.2015. I specifically informed them that I have a flight booked for 30.01.2015 and the gentlemen promised delivery within schedule. Come 21st and the trial went ok.

It was afterwards that our horror began. 23.01.2015, no delivery. 25.01.2015, no delivery but profuse apologies and sought only one more day. 27.01.2015…still no delivery and sought more time. Finally we were delivered two of the three Suits on 29.01.2013. And what about the third one…you guess it right…one more day…that means I miss my flight just because these clowns lied and deceived me and I had to cancel flight and stay back, only to receive the third Suit.

That is not the end of the story. During trial, the fitting was fine but when I got the final product, though the waistcoat and trousers were okay, the blazer itself was horrible. If I kept my arms straight, the appearance was passable but if I bended my arm even a bit, it was all in weird twists and crumples and my arm felt what an arm in a straightjacket must’ve felt. The Shirts, I had specifically placed order to have provision for cufflinks, but it came with buttons. Even if all this can be rectified, which I doubt, I have no more time to stay in Delhi as I have to attend, perhaps one of the most memorable event of my adulthood … my wedding … in these shitty fitting clothes😦 With my skinny physique I don’t even find ready made Suits.

And how much did I pay for this ‘service’, Rs. 19600 … not to add the cost of fabric for a Shirt that I also purchased from Gandhi Bros. Raymond Shop. My advice, get stuff tailored from them if you want to mess up your costly fabric and look like you are wearing someone’s else’s and/or rented clothes.

This is an opinion expressed by me in good faith in the interest of public good and the facts expressed here are true to my experience and knowledge.

To Play or to be Played With?

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These days, or nights actually, as I drive back home from work, I find little kids trying to sell balloons and toys to people in cars waiting at the red signal. Kids whose heads barely come up to my car window… and I’m driving an i20 not an SUV, so you can imagine that the kids are pretty small…

Its their age to play with those balloons and toys….not sell them.  Hurts to see things like that. Hate the parents who urge these little wonders to literally beg😦

I try to find an answer … I try to think what I can do? (as a person who is anyways slaving in an office with no chance of a volunteer work).I think I’ll keep the toys that I had as a kid and let them enjoy it…instead of a Rupee or Two as some kind hearted cars bestow on them … I dunno .. it hurts

My Digital Arsenal

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Now why would anyone want to know the poor man’s arsenal😛 … who cares … here goes

  • Custom made Desktop PC
  • Dell Inspiron 6400 Laptop
  • Acer Aspire One Netbook
  • Galaxy TAB P 7300
  • iPad 4
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • PSP Slim
  • Amazon Kindle Keyboard

Cooler Master IC Essential E1Thermal Grease Review

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Package: Purchased Cooler Master IC Essential E1Thermal Grease in May, 2014 from for Rs.699. The package includes Thermal grease contained in a ‘syringe’, a plastic ‘spatula’ and a cloth wipe packed in a small sealed plastic pouch.

How I used it: Strangely, the product does not come with any instructions on the manner or amount of applying the grease. I began with removing the caked old thermal compound that came applied to the stock Intel heatsink-fan, with the spatula. The plastic spatula does a pretty good job of removing the old, baked/crusted cooling material from the heatsink and the processor. This was followed by wiping the surfaces clean with the cloth wipe.  For the lack of better words, I can only say that the cloth wipe is soaked with some compound (something like thinner or nail paint remover) which cleans the surfaces neatly. Applied a drop of thermal grease from the syringe to the processor surface and fixed the heatsink [see,3058-9.html for more].

Results: With ambient room temperature hovering around 30 degrees Celsius, my Intel Core i5-2400 with stock heatsink-fan was running at idle temperature of around 60 degrees which shot to as high as 90 degrees when playing games (Assassin’s Creed: Liberation HD, LA Noire, Medal of Honor: Warfighter etc.). It even touched 99 degrees once! Temperature was measured using RealTemp and SpeedFan both of which gave identical readings. After applying Cooler Master IC Essential E1Thermal Grease, the temperatures are down to ~45 degrees idling and ~65 degrees gaming. Probably I would invest in a better heatsink fan, but for the moment, Cooler Master IC Essential E1Thermal Grease has done a great job!

Future Use: The syringe contains 1.5 ml of thermal grease as per the product description. Even after using on two processors, I was left with quite a bit of thermal grease. Have stored the remaining grease in a cool place with the cap tightened on the syringe, but I have no clue how long the grease will survive for any future use. As for the cloth wipe, it dried up within hours of opening the sealed pack that it came in, though I had stored it in an empty plastic pill box with lid tightly closed. So the cloth wipe is practically a single use thing I’m assuming.