Burst the Google Search Bubble

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Has it ever happened that you’ve found the same keywords give different results on different computers? Or that your search throws up results not exactly relevant to what you were3 searching but has some relation to what you were searching earlier? Welcome to the Filter Bubble. I like to call it the Google Bubble, but then I’m no elite tech author. I’m a lawyer and a law researcher with some good search skills.

And I found it very annoying when Google decided for me what I was trying to search or which search results would be best for me, based on my previous online activity. I mean, leave me alone, I know how to handle search. Don’t tailor search for me. Often I found results I was really looking for being buried under results based on my previous searches.

Like I said. I’m not expert in technology and if you want to read more, Wikipedia has a perfect page on it for an ordinary man, Filter Bubble and Panoptclick.

I’m writing this post on how I’m trying my best to burst this search bubble. Earlier, I tried configuring Chrome to deny third party cookies and to keep data only till I close the browser. I ran CCleaner before every fresh search, to clear browser cache and cookies. But it didn’t appear to do the trick completely. And using Ultrasurf to hide my IP led to problems accessing some sites.

So now what I’m doing is CCleaner before every fresh search, deny third party cookies and to keep data only till I close the browser and Firefox with Random Agent Spoofer extension. I reboot the router every now and then. Seems to be working for now. Sounds rather extreme lengths I have to go, to use the internet the way I’d like to rather than the way as Google would have me use it.


Cerience Repligo Viewer

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Download Setup file for Cerience Repligo 2.1 Viewer (it’s compressed as .7z). This download is as-is-where-is.

Background: In a galaxy far far away, I had a Nokia 6681 once and used to read a lot on it. The format of my choice was Repligo .rgo. And I converted a lot of PDF and webpages to .rgo using the Repligo Printer (or was it Repligo Maker … whatever its name was). Nokia and Repligo faded away but the other day, I dug out some files in .rgo format from an old DVD and no way to read it. No Repligo Reader to be found on the web. Another dusty DVD and ultimately I found the Reader.  It works on Windows 10 x86 for me, so in case anyone is in the same predicament, feel free to try.

Madras High Court’s Kind Advice, Not to Treat The Husband Like Armless Soldier

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Much has been said about the recent (July 14, 2017)  decision by the High Court of Madras chastising the Family Court. And the eye catcher is the phrase ‘armless soldier’. This is the select passage from the Judgement:

At this juncture, it is to be stated that the trial are not to treat the husband like “armless soldier” and pass the maintenance award in on Mechanical manner. While, arriving at quantum of maintenance for the wife and children (in maintenance proceedings), it is stated that Family Court (Judicial Magistrate Court dealing with the issue) as to take the entirety of the circumstances of the financial liability of the husband.

Here is the link for the complete text of the Judgment Varadharajan v. Mythili_J_2017_SCC_OnLine_Mad_2826  by the High Court of Madras which can be used in a Court of law.








Depressing Postscript: That said, I really don’t have very high hopes from this Judgment. Remember the Delhi Court which advised women not to be parasites. Remember Allahabad High Court which asked wife to pay litigation expenses to the husband? Did it change anything? Because our glorious Hon’ble Supreme Court is sure to rule something like Manoj Kumar vs. Champa Devi ensuring maintenance even for deserting wife, or enjoying her life in adultery with her paramour living off the sweat of the husband’s brow. Or husband forced to pay maintenance as long as all his limbs are intact. The list goes on …………. some day, and that day may not be too far, when someone dear to ‘them’ gets a taste of the rod, wisdom shall prevail.

Features You Miss Out On, If You Are Using Acrobat Reader …

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… Try Foxit; You Might Love It.

You may not be a heavyweight PDF user and have no need of Adobe editor. And yet, Acrobat is just too little for someone who’s much short of needing a PDF Editor but uses PDF daily. I do that in course of my research and while I can live without editing, it was only after I used Foxit reader that I realized how much I can do with the de facto standard for document sharing with a freeware to make my life so much more easier and productive.

  1. Ability to add bookmarks at any place in the PDF. That is absolutely a God send. There was a time I was trying to make do with the Acrobat opening at where it was closed last, as a lame substitute for a bookmark. Then I found this fabulous feature in Foxit and if you use 30-40 odd page PDF, you;d definitely realize the worth of PDF.
  2. Ability to underline, strikethrough and highlight.
  3. Ability to add Comments. Ok, this is in Acrobat as well, but take bookmark and comment together and Foxit kicks ass.
  4. I don’t know if that is something wrong with my system configuration, but closing Acrobat with two open tabs closed them both. Ordinarily, with more than two open tabs, Acrobat asked confirmation to close all tabs. But not with only two tabs. Foxit asks me every time there are two tabs or more tabs open. Again, a blessing for someone handling many PDF files as a routine.


I loved the Acrobat signature feature where I could ’embed’ my handwritten signature (scanned or simply photographed with my phone cam) into the PDF as cleanly as if I had really signed a  hard copy printout and scanned it. For some reason, trying the same turns the signature to a black and white in Foxit. Why? Still, with those neat features in Foxit, there’s no way I’m going back to Acrobat. Probably I’ll keep Acrobat just to sign documents!

Details of Old Driving License in Delhi

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If you are a holder of an old driving license issued by Transport Department, Delhi, one which is called as old plastic card license  DL No. starts with “P” or “C”  and/or ends with a ‘D’, chances are, most online Transport Department driving license services will not recognize this number; they will throw an error and ask you to enter a valid driving licence number.

The only official Delhi Government webpage which recognizes this old number format and retrieves the correct license details is https://dlpay.dimts.in/dldetail/default.aspx

It still does not lead to any online services but at least, your license details may be checked here.

My Published Works

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Here are my published reviews on law:

1. Protection of Personal Data: Challenges Posed in the Information Age, Atul Singh (KDP, 2017)


2. Book review of Law Relating to Electricity In India (2nd ed., 2008) by Krishnamurthi Aiyar, rev. by Pramod Kumar Das. Universal Law Private Limited, Singh, Atul, Journal of the Indian Law Institute, vol. 53, no. 2, 2011, pp. 372–376.


Complete review: 040_S Krishnamurthi Aiyar’s Commentary on the Indian Trust Act (365-366)

3. Book review of Presidents of America & India by Charan Lal Sahu (2010), Singh, Atul, Journal of the Indian Law Institute, vol. 53, no. 2, 2011, pp. 372–376.

Complete review: 027_Presidents of America and India (2010) (131-136)

Old Website of Supreme Court of India

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A new look website has been unveiled for the Supreme Court of India at www.sci.gov.in. Old url, supremecourtofindia.nic.in is redirecting to this new website. For some time, visitors were being greeted with a welcome screen and an alternative link to the old website. The old website’s link is gone now and many features on the new website are still non-functional as on June 4, 2017. The old website is still working though, and the link to it is http://supremecourtofindia.nic.in/court.htm