Horizontal Lines Like MS Office Word 2010 in MS Office Word 2016/2019

Short TLDR: Here’s a link to a Word file containing horizontal lines from Word 2010. These lines can be copied from this file and used in later versions of Word 2016 and 2019.

Complete Post:

It was nice to have the horizontal lines that Microsoft Office Word 2010 had – the ones which could be inserted from the Horizontal Line option in the Borders and Shading menu. I used it as a ‘divider’ under the subject line in my work correspondence. And I was extremely annoyed at Microsoft removing it from subsequent editions of Word. Looking around, I could see people suggesting it was removed as nobody wanted them. Is that really so? I don’t know. What I do know is, I used it and I wanted it.

The alternative suggested was using pictures from Word > Insert > Online Pictures. ‘Decorative horizontal line’ was the popular search term. But that search phrase and various variations of it didn’t lead me to anything that came even close to the ‘old’ horizontal lines – one with the two ‘blobs’at each end and the other with a tiny vertical bar at the beginning to the horizontal line. I guess that description would only make sense to someone who actually liked that as much as I do. So here’s a screenshot:

Word 2010 Style Horizontal Lines

The ones which I found in Word > Insert > Online Pictures just did not fit the bill.

So what I did was install MS Office 2010 from my old discs (just for the horizontal line; yeah, that’s how much I missed it). I’ve copied the two horizontal lines to a Word file and now use that file as a kind of template. After reinstalling Office 2019, I just copy the horizontal lines from this ‘template’ to my new Word files typed in Word 2019. Thanks a ton Microsoft, that’s how much easier you made my life with new editions of MS  Office!

Here, I’ve uploaded a Word file made with Word 2010 containing the good old Horizontal Lines; free feel to download and use it for your fair use. The lines can be copied from this file and used in later versions of Word.

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