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Delhi High Court on dark tints on car windows

Posted in Law on June 30, 2009 by Atul

In November 2006, the High Court of Delhi, on its own motion, issued notices to the Union of India and others in view of the deteriorating traffic scenario in Delhi. The judgment in this case Civil Writ Petition No.16565 of 2006 was delivered by Justice Swtanter Kumar, for the bench comprising of Justice Kumar and Justice H.R. Malhotra.

Among others, this judgment dealt with black tints/films on car window panes. The Court observed that  “…using of black films which completely stop or substantially obstruct visibility inside the cars, are a few amongst many of the commonly committed traffic offences” (para 7). The intentions of the Court may have been most noble and salutory but sadly, it appears to be on of those judgments where the Court embarks upon law making akin to a legislative body.

BEFORE YOU READ ANY FURTHER: The law is here to stay it seems so – (a) try to live with it as best as you can as the sun fries you or, (b) find a connected chacha/mama/tau or, (c) use tints and be prepared to pay fines and be harassed or, (d) use tacky plastic-cloth  sunshades (me, I can’t use them because I hate their looks, I hardly find them being any use – except maybe when leaving the car in parking – and they kind of block my view…perhaps something like a horse’s blinkers/blinders I guess). Anyways, for that reason, I’m disabling comments on this Post since most readers here only want to know how to go across this law and I don’t think there exists a way, except the ones I just guessed.

Read on if you want to know about the long arm of law involved:

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EA Sims 3 – Symbian Mobile FAQ

Posted in Fun, games, N95 on June 14, 2009 by Atul

I’ve just started with Sims 3 on my Nokia N95 and would add the tidbits about it as I progress with the game … a sort of FAQ if you’d please 😉

  1. Can I control Sims 3 on my Nokia N95 using the accelerometer feature of the phone?  I don’t think so. At least I don’t find any accelerometer support in Sims 3 on my N95; nor is there any Option to this effect. I guess accelerometer support is only for iPhone.
  2. Where/how can I catch fish in the game? Go the the Map and visit the “Hobby Shop”. Purchase the Fishing Kit.Visit the Lake. There are two spots each marked as “Fishing Spot”. Go to the Fishing Spot and choose “Go Fishing”. For fishing mini-game tutorial read the in-game Help (Pause > Help > Fishing Tutorial). Continue reading