Activating Microsoft Office XP in 2019

Can Microsoft Office XP be activated in 2019? The answer is, Yes! I have a genuine Office XP Small Business Edition CDROM (US English, x86) with original product key. Installed it on my Surface Pro 4 Tablet running Windows 10 Home x64. No problems in installation or running Office and activation is straightforward with online activation which works perfectly. Phone activation was not necessary. I’m from India and don’t  have in-depth knowledge of the working of Microsoft licensing and activation, so your results might vary from location or localization. No harm in trying if you have a genuine product key and installer of Office XP lying around in 2019. And you feel the features of Office XP are sufficient for your use, even today. In fact, even has the Office XP ISO though I haven’t used it myself. It was a pleasant surprise to have the software activated and working 17 years after its release in 2001 and 8 years after support for it was officially ended.

It’s not touchscreen friendly and the menus and icons are really tiny on Surface tablet, but I’d still prefer using a legitimate Office XP rather than a pirated Office 2019. And I don’t need a heavy duty wordprocessor on tablet as I prefer to do that on my laptop.


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