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Best Games for Nokia N8

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Bada Maze


Galaxy on Fire


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Havovi Kersi Sethna vs. Kersi Gustad Sethna 2011(2)ALLMR577, 2011(3)BomCR100, 2011(113)BOMLR479, 2011(3)MhLj564, Suit No. 16 of 2008,  IN THE HIGH COURT OF BOMBAY –  Recorded Evidence.

where police does not register FIR and the girl can move 498a as a private complaint case. Here the procedure is

Step 1: Complaint to the Court

Step 2: Pre-summoning evidence by the Complainant + her witnesses

Step 3: Summoning of the accused

Step 4: Evidence lead by Complainant + Witnesses

Step 5: Cross-examination

Step 6: Defence Evidence if any

Step 7: Arguments

Step 8: Judgment