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I Love Orkut Spam…

Posted in Rants on January 13, 2007 by Atul

…especially the friendly reminders to protect my account that my dear friends forward to their entire friend list. Infact I love the spam somuch, I feel obliged to return something the next time I receive the ‘save your account’ reminder. Whatdya think of this one…

<pissed off> I don’t know if this is true but I hope it is true….there’s a rumor going around tht because of large number of subscriptions and traffic load, Google Inc. (Googleplex, Mountain View, California) has decided to give away free iPods.

All you have to do is type “I have nothing better to do with my time than forward hoax messages to everybody on my friend list and everybody on that community I joined and anybody else I can find, over and over again.”

If the flow of ths message breaks down Orkut severs, Google Inc (TM) will gift an iPod to everyone on your friend list and my friend list and everybody’s friend list.

So keep sending this message to everybody on your friend list and everybody on that community you joined and anybody else you can find, over and over again until the servers at Orkut blow apart and melt down.

NOTE: This is not a devious scheme by Bill Gates to sabotage Google. </pissed off>


Nokia AD-46 Audio Adapter

Posted in s60 on January 3, 2007 by Atul

A review of the Nokia AD-46 Audio Adapter which lets users of Nokia handsets to connect 3.5mm stereo plug through the Nokia Pop Port.

(This review was written initially for the message boards at

Visit the Nokia United States’ page for a description of the adapter.
Mobile phone manufacturers world over are actively pushing their products as more than mere communication devices. Nokia is pitching handsets such as the N Series, 3250, 6270, 6681 et al as music phones. Besides the so called music phones, there are number of handsets which, though not labeled as such, are capable of doubling up as music devices for the casual listeners amongst us. But as much as one would like to have a single, integrated device for communication and mobile entertainment, majority of otherwise capable Nokia handsets are cruel jokes on the end users.
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