Burst the Google Search Bubble

Has it ever happened that you’ve found the same keywords give different results on different computers? Or that your search throws up results not exactly relevant to what you were3 searching but has some relation to what you were searching earlier? Welcome to the Filter Bubble. I like to call it the Google Bubble, but then I’m no elite tech author. I’m a lawyer and a law researcher with some good search skills.

And I found it very annoying when Google decided for me what I was trying to search or which search results would be best for me, based on my previous online activity. I mean, leave me alone, I know how to handle search. Don’t tailor search for me. Often I found results I was really looking for being buried under results based on my previous searches.

Like I said. I’m not expert in technology and if you want to read more, Wikipedia has a perfect page on it for an ordinary man, Filter Bubble and Panoptclick.

I’m writing this post on how I’m trying my best to burst this search bubble. Earlier, I tried configuring Chrome to deny third party cookies and to keep data only till I close the browser. I ran CCleaner before every fresh search, to clear browser cache and cookies. But it didn’t appear to do the trick completely. And using Ultrasurf to hide my IP led to problems accessing some sites.

So now what I’m doing is CCleaner before every fresh search, deny third party cookies and to keep data only till I close the browser and Firefox with Random Agent Spoofer extension. I reboot the router every now and then. Seems to be working for now. Sounds rather extreme lengths I have to go, to use the internet the way I’d like to rather than the way as Google would have me use it.


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