Details of Old Driving License in Delhi

If you are a holder of an old driving license issued by Transport Department, Delhi, one which is called as old plastic card license  DL No. starts with “P” or “C”  and/or ends with a ‘D’, chances are, most online Transport Department driving license services will not recognize this number; they will throw an error and ask you to enter a valid driving licence number.

The only official Delhi Government webpage which recognizes this old number format and retrieves the correct license details is

It still does not lead to any online services but at least, your license details may be checked here.


10 Responses to “Details of Old Driving License in Delhi”

  1. I did this today, and the only way to enter a driving license number that is accepted is to copy the full number, including the P at the beginning. This is for the Delhi RTO, for the older Plastic license starting with a P.

  2. Not working

  3. Mahendar yadav Says:

    Driving licence details bcz forget license number year all

  4. Hi, Look like the page “” itself is not working. What is the way out, any idea? digilocker has come and I have tried the same there but unable to fetch anything.

  5. Please give a valid site …i can’t access to site

  6. ashishhari Says:

    Can someone help as I can’t convert my number starting with P to new format DL*

  7. Site is not working

  8. Shalabh Pradhan Says:

    After lot of searching ,I have FOUND IT!!!!! 🙂
    Use this website,I was able to locate my PL* DL on this easily:

  9. Shalabh Pradhan Says:

    If the above link does not help then try this link(both of them worked for me):

  10. Vijay Kumar Says:

    How I change my licence starting mark P to DL

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