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And so I became hooked….

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And so I became hooked….the fond memories…

  1. DOS, monochrome monitor brick breaker (predecessor of Arkanoid and clones)
  2. Squishy squashy handheld water game
  3. Tronica Air Fighter (Handheld)
  4. Aladdin (pre-installed on PC)
  5. Dangerous Dave (pre-installed on PC)
  6. (Ronny Wester’s) Cyberdogs (floppy bundled with PC magazine )
  7. Airlift Rescue (floppy bundled with PC magazine )
  8. Quake (CD bundled with PC magazine )
  9. Need for Speed 2
  10. Need for Speed III
  11. Roadrash
  12. Prince of Persia
  13. Quake II
  14. Duke Nukem 3D Demo (bulletin board download)
  15. Shadow Warrior
  16. Urban Chaos (yeh…GTA was still top down dots then)
  17. GTA III (and things changed forever)
  18. Postal (burrrrrn…yeah baby)


MS Word Thoughts

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  1. Stop auto-correcting hypen (-) to an em dash.
  2. And for cases that one does need an em-dash, set up auto-correct such that typing hyphen twice in succession auto-corrects to an em-dash.
  3. Section symbol § Unicode is U+00A7.
  4. If a table is inserted in a footnote, there is an empty space between this footnote table and immediately next footnote. That is because Word adds a carriage return after a table and presumably, it cannot be removed.


A quick solution is to change the font size for this carriage return to 1! (big thank to Bob Jones MVP, Office:Mac at

Don’t Buy, Don’t Steal: The best Freeware for everyday needs

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Oh I love freeware…best way to enjoy your computing experience without cheating and sometimes I don’t even understand why people have to ‘steal’ software (my rant on software thief ‘friend’).

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Rupee Symbol Shortcut Key Microsoft Word

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There at quite a few pages floating around on the web for typing Rupee symbol in Word but strangely, none of them seemed to fit me. Working on my 100+ pages, I need to use the symbol maybe some 20-30 times and had no intention to use a specific font supporting Rupee symbol for all the text. I needed the content in Garamond, and a Rupee symbol here and there, in a few places. Here’s how: Continue reading

rapoo wire-less (use-less) mouse

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Having lost my Logitech NANO receiver and also running low on cash, I settled on a rapoo wireless keyboard + mouse combo. The thing comes cheap at around INR 1000 (~less than US$ 15 as of December, 2016). Its low cost and claims to have a single USB receiver to run both keyboard and mouse at the same time.

rapoo Wireless Optical Mouse, Model 1650

I never got to working with the keyboard mouse together. In fact, I didn’t even have the heart to check the keyboard. In short, the mouse sucks BIG TIME!

The USB receiver is detected and installed in Windows 7 all right but left click is a mess. About 80%  of the times, a single click performs a double click. I tried changing Double-Click speed from Control Panel  but no use. Tried on different machines (Windows XP and Windows 10)…no good.

Middle mouse button is also useless – sometimes it doesn’t do anything at all, other times it erratically scrolls too many lines. This is a new, unused mouse straight out of the box so I can’t even suspect anything like war-and-tear or dust/dirt.

Summary: Stay away from rapoo. It may be cheap but no point throwing money on cheap stuff that doesn’t work! Rather, save that money and buy something decent from Logitech.