Syma 609 Indoor R/c Chopper

My little R/C chopper, known by various names as a Syma 609, Fairy Alertgree, Airsquire etc…restored after a nasty crash and ready for takeoff 🙂

Wish I could catch of video of the thing in action, but I can hardly manage to hold this little imp in flight for a few seconds before it crashes into something.

2 Responses to “Syma 609 Indoor R/c Chopper”

  1. hi
    i own a same syma 609 but the main propeller broke. do you know where can i find a spare one. thnx

  2. ^^ No Chris…I don’t think you can get replacement parts for these Chinese cheapos. They did have a replacement for the rear propeller in the box, but that’s about it.

    Even I have cracked the main propeller on mine…not much, a small crack but probably the wing structure has deformed or something and after the crack,the chop can somehow takeoff but impossible to control…

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