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Acer Aspire One Netbook – Buyer Beware

Posted in netbook, Rants with tags on May 26, 2010 by Atul

Purchased an Acer Aspire One 532h netbook in April 2010 (from Croma, Delhi, Rs.16,500/-). Its  Atom N450, 6 cell Li-ion battery, 160GB HDD and 1 GB RAM.

Its extremly topple prone. The design of the battery makes it physically unstable. Its a good machine otherwise, but this topple-effect has really put me off. The battery pack forms the base of the front side of the netbook, and its semi-cylindrical in shape. Even a slight touch on the screen sends the netbook in a flat fall.

Some snaps of the battery pack would give the idea:



15 July 2010:  Just over an year old now, my Acer Aspire One 532h  and the battery has died. Not a very great record for battery longevity,  is it?

A crappy netbook through and through … stay away from it.