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Encarta 2000: How to Install From Hard Disk

Posted in Books, Education, Misc Tips, XP on June 5, 2010 by Atul

This article was published by Microsoft and gives step-by-step instructions on how Microsoft Encarta Encycylopedia may be installed and run from the hard disk; i.e. without the need for the Encyclopedia CD to be present in the CD/DVD Drive while using the Encyclopedia.

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Ad Blocking and Unblocking

Posted in Misc Tips, Networking, XP on May 22, 2010 by Atul

Block unwanted ads cleanly using MVPS Hosts files and eDexter, save bandwidth and improve page loading times, for free.

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DI-524UP Wireless Router, Print Server & Netgear DG834G

Posted in Networking, Rants, XP on May 1, 2010 by Atul

Well, recently picked up a D-Link DI-524UP router. It has four LAN ports , a WAN port for the DSL modem and a USB port for connecting a printer. It was only the USB I was interested.

I’m a big fan of WiFi and use it on my Notebook, Netbook, Desktop PC, PSP and my Nokia N95! And Netgear DG-834G with inbuilt ADSL modem and router combo suited me just fine. It was only when I had to lug the computers from one room to the room with the printer, that I sorely missed having it on WiFi.

And that’s where D-Link DI-524UP stepped in with its WiFi Print Server. Picked it up for Rs.3000 in Delhi. Okay, now, enough of chitchat and lets come to the point. Which is that installing this Print Server was one hell of  a pain in the ass.

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uTorrent and Sygate Personal Firewall

Posted in XP on April 15, 2008 by Atul

uTorrent always showed a yellow sign when running behind Sygate Personal Firewall. Turning off the firewall solved this problem. And yet I wanted to keep Sygate ‘on’ just to stop installed software from unnecessarily calling home….for forced updates or whatever else.

This tip from forums worked just great:

Sygate Personal Firewall > Tools > Advanced Rules > Add

Rule Description: Give any handy name to the rule e.g. P2P

General Tab > Action > Allow this Traffic

General Tab > Advanced Settings > Apply Rule to Network Interface > All Network Interface Cards

Hosts Tab > All Addresses

Ports and Protocols Tab > All

Applications Tab > Check uTorrent from the list (or if your application is not there than “Browse for it”).

Now uTorrent has no problems with incoming connections even with Sygate running. Of course, this is in addition to configuring and prt forwarding your router.

Associate .doc files with Open Office Write

Posted in Misc Tips, XP with tags on April 15, 2008 by Atul

I have Open Office installed in my PC but Windows insists on using Wordpad to open MS Word document files. To configure .doc files to open with OOO writer each time, i utilize the “assoc” command from the command prompt.

Now,  .odt is a native Open Office format. To check its association therefore, I type assoc .odt on command prompt.

C:/assoc .odt

Assoc then tell me what program is set to open a .odt file. The result reads something like:

assoc .odt=opendocument.WriterDocument.1

Note that the words subsequent to “=” symbol signify the default program. Now, I want to configure Windows so that .doc files are also opened in Open Office Writer by default. Again in command prompt I type:

C:/assoc .doc=opendocument.WriterDocument.1
Command Prompt assoc