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Nokia AD-46 Audio Adapter

Posted in s60 on January 3, 2007 by Atul

A review of the Nokia AD-46 Audio Adapter which lets users of Nokia handsets to connect 3.5mm stereo plug through the Nokia Pop Port.

(This review was written initially for the message boards at

Visit the Nokia United States’ page for a description of the adapter.
Mobile phone manufacturers world over are actively pushing their products as more than mere communication devices. Nokia is pitching handsets such as the N Series, 3250, 6270, 6681 et al as music phones. Besides the so called music phones, there are number of handsets which, though not labeled as such, are capable of doubling up as music devices for the casual listeners amongst us. But as much as one would like to have a single, integrated device for communication and mobile entertainment, majority of otherwise capable Nokia handsets are cruel jokes on the end users.
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Orchid Innovations Bluetooth USB Dongle Drivers

Posted in s60 on December 14, 2006 by Atul

Orchid Innovation USB Bluetooth Dongle Looking for drivers for the bluetooth USB dongle? There are no specific drivers for this device. The Orchid Innovations USB-BT dongle (at least the one I own) contains chipset from some Integrated System Solution Corp. Quick Google search leads me to the page describing the ISSC BT Dongle. The description page provides that this device will work either with Widcomm drivers or the IVT Bluesoleil driver package.

As far as I know, the Widcomm drivers can only be obtained bundled with the product from the manufacturer and Widcomm (now acquired by Broadcom, as the site says) does not provide any public downloads for this driver. So there is not much to choose from.

If you are looking for IVT Bluesoleil Software, just visit and perform a Search. Apparently many people have uploaded it there.

There were some problems with Nokia PC Suite but they were finally resolved (read my other post if you face hardware error message with PC Suite BT connectivity).

Update: Thanks Sanjay for updating us. Looks like Orchid Innovations have put up drivers for their products at ORC-BT-IVT looks like the driver for the dongle (there are no clear instructions). My Orchid dongle went kaput long ago so I’ve no idea if these work or not. All the best, people.

Ebooks on S60

Posted in s60 on December 11, 2006 by Atul

A while back I was exploring software goodies for my (then) newly acquired Nokia 6681 when I thought of ebooks. Now, 176 x 208 has already been derided as a joke for anything useful, but I was not ready to be put down, not yet.

My earlier attempts at reading PDF files with the bundled Acrobat Reader had been really painful; sluggish and with no sense of formatting. This time I decided to give a try to Amazon’s Mobipocket Reader. It is mainly an ebook management program, but more importantly, it can convert existing formats such as .pdf and .doc to Mobi ebook .prc format for viewing on a mobile phone. In a ideal world, the desktop application should’ve detected and installed a counterpart on the mobile phone. But that was not to be. The phone was detected all right but nothing else happened. So the next step was to get the standalone SIS installer for the cellphone. Continue reading

USB Bluetooth Dongles, Bluesoleil and Nokia PC Suite

Posted in s60 on December 7, 2006 by Atul

USB bluetooth dongles are well known to have problems working with Nokia PC Suite in Windows XP SP2. The Windows Bluetooth Device drivers are often pointed out as the culpricts. The solution for this situation is well documented by Microsoft in KB840635.But in case of cheap bluetooth dongles, like the one by Orchid Innovations that I own, the problem lies elsewhere.

This posting relates to solving the issues between the bluetooth dongles and PC Suite. If you are looking for IVT Bluesoleil Software, just visit and perform a Search. Apparently many people have uploaded it there. Continue reading

6681 v6.09.00

Posted in s60 on October 14, 2006 by Atul

Just noticed, Nokia India has a firmware upgrade for 6681. Wow wow wow … not that there is anything wrong with my cellphone right now (running v5.37.01). Back up  contacts, calendar and messages using Nokia PC Suite. Backup phone memory to  memory card (Tools > Memory > Backup). Continue reading