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Working with Nokia N95 Videos

Posted in N95, Photography on January 26, 2010 by Atul

I find most of the established video editors (VirtualDub, Super) either too intimidating or unable to handle the mp4 videos from my Nokia N95 (without technical jugglery) . Was looking for an easy  solution, easisest as possible in fact, and ultimately settled for a combination of two freeware programs: MP4Cam2Avi and Avidemux, and I find them quite satisfactory. MP4Cam2Avi converts the mp4 files to Avi and, using Avidemux, I can perform simple operations like cutting and saving video clips.

EA Sims 3 – Symbian Mobile FAQ

Posted in Fun, games, N95 on June 14, 2009 by Atul

I’ve just started with Sims 3 on my Nokia N95 and would add the tidbits about it as I progress with the game … a sort of FAQ if you’d please 😉

  1. Can I control Sims 3 on my Nokia N95 using the accelerometer feature of the phone?  I don’t think so. At least I don’t find any accelerometer support in Sims 3 on my N95; nor is there any Option to this effect. I guess accelerometer support is only for iPhone.
  2. Where/how can I catch fish in the game? Go the the Map and visit the “Hobby Shop”. Purchase the Fishing Kit.Visit the Lake. There are two spots each marked as “Fishing Spot”. Go to the Fishing Spot and choose “Go Fishing”. For fishing mini-game tutorial read the in-game Help (Pause > Help > Fishing Tutorial). Continue reading