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Random Thoughts – Codies Ashes Cricket 2009

Posted in Fun, games, Rants on March 31, 2010 by Atul

So, this rant is about Codemasters’ Ashes Cricket 2009.  Tons of issues and I won’t even delve into them here. This is just a random thought.

Was playing India vs. Sri Lanka test match. Opener Gautam Gambhir (i.e the player I was controlling) was hit by Vaas’s deliveries repeatedly … the first 11 deliveries that Gambhir faced … all of them hit him on the body with a suweet thump sound and Gambhir limping on the pitch (no offense meant, Gambhir ji) .

And yet. He never retired hurt? In fact, I played him all the way to 43.  Howzzat?

EA Sims 3 – Symbian Mobile FAQ

Posted in Fun, games, N95 on June 14, 2009 by Atul

I’ve just started with Sims 3 on my Nokia N95 and would add the tidbits about it as I progress with the game … a sort of FAQ if you’d please 😉

  1. Can I control Sims 3 on my Nokia N95 using the accelerometer feature of the phone?  I don’t think so. At least I don’t find any accelerometer support in Sims 3 on my N95; nor is there any Option to this effect. I guess accelerometer support is only for iPhone.
  2. Where/how can I catch fish in the game? Go the the Map and visit the “Hobby Shop”. Purchase the Fishing Kit.Visit the Lake. There are two spots each marked as “Fishing Spot”. Go to the Fishing Spot and choose “Go Fishing”. For fishing mini-game tutorial read the in-game Help (Pause > Help > Fishing Tutorial). Continue reading

Omikron: The Nomad Soul – WinXP Problems

Posted in games, old games, omikron on September 13, 2007 by Atul

Omikron: The Nomad Soul: Problem running on WinXP SP2 and opening the Map freezes the game.

I had first played this amazing game on a Win98 system and reinstalled it on my WinXP PC on one of those ‘slow’ days.  Goings were not too smooth on WinXP.  Firstly, it appears that you need to use the US NoCD patch for the game to start properly, due to some SafeDisc issues. This patch can be downloaded from Secondly, the game sometimes freezes when map is accessed from player ‘sneak’. From my experience, it happens only when the power scheme selected is “Portable/Laptop” and this issue can be worked around by employing “Always On” power scheme from Windows Power Options.


Brian Lara Cricket 99 PC on WinXP

Posted in cricket, games on March 6, 2007 by Atul

How to run Brian Lara Cricket 99 on a computer running Windows XP?

Yes, its a really old game now, Codemasters’ Brian Lara Cricket 99 but its still fun. And, given the state of affairs as far as Cricket video games are concerned, its still cool enough to give the latest cricket games from EA Sports and Codemasters a run for their money, if you leave aside the graphics for the moment. Then again, unlike these latest avatars, it can play on any PC purchased in the last 3-4 years.

Trouble is, it won’t run on Windows XP. The workaround, use modified executables. I’ve no idea how these freak executables came into being. I found them on a forum a ages ago (was thought to be an inside leak or something at that time). Be that as may. These files can be downloaded from my ESnips folder.

Theywork with original game CD, backup CD as also an image loaded on virtual drives like Daemon Tools. Don’t ask for a NoCD since I neither have any crack nor the knowledge to make one.

Download and extract the files in BLC directory to replace your original exe files. The three different exe were meant for different graphics hardware (as the name suggests, d3dtnt seems to be for nvidia TNT based video cards). Anyways, D3D high should work with newer video cards or else try all the three.

Also, you can download a set of Frequently Asked Questions for Brian Lara Cricket 99 PC, including hints, tips, troubleshooting, cheats etc…something I had written way back. Brian Lara Cricket 99 PC FAQ