Features You Miss Out On, If You Are Using Acrobat Reader …

… Try Foxit; You Might Love It.

You may not be a heavyweight PDF user and have no need of Adobe editor. And yet, Acrobat is just too little for someone who’s much short of needing a PDF Editor but uses PDF daily. I do that in course of my research and while I can live without editing, it was only after I used Foxit reader that I realized how much I can do with the de facto standard for document sharing with a freeware to make my life so much more easier and productive.

  1. Ability to add bookmarks at any place in the PDF. That is absolutely a God send. There was a time I was trying to make do with the Acrobat opening at where it was closed last, as a lame substitute for a bookmark. Then I found this fabulous feature in Foxit and if you use 30-40 odd page PDF, you;d definitely realize the worth of PDF.
  2. Ability to underline, strikethrough and highlight.
  3. Ability to add Comments. Ok, this is in Acrobat as well, but take bookmark and comment together and Foxit kicks ass.
  4. I don’t know if that is something wrong with my system configuration, but closing Acrobat with two open tabs closed them both. Ordinarily, with more than two open tabs, Acrobat asked confirmation to close all tabs. But not with only two tabs. Foxit asks me every time there are two tabs or more tabs open. Again, a blessing for someone handling many PDF files as a routine.


I loved the Acrobat signature feature where I could ’embed’ my handwritten signature (scanned or simply photographed with my phone cam) into the PDF as cleanly as if I had really signed a  hard copy printout and scanned it. For some reason, trying the same turns the signature to a black and white in Foxit. Why? Still, with those neat features in Foxit, there’s no way I’m going back to Acrobat. Probably I’ll keep Acrobat just to sign documents!

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