Looking to download Microsoft Office for free?

Are you looking for a link to download Microsoft Office for free? No, I don’t have one! But bear with me; I won’t waste your time either. Just consider my simple query. How many times have you used an equation editor, organization chart, footnoting and such tools.
Since I’ve only used Microsoft Word extensively since MS Office 97, I’d restrict myself to Word. I started with Wordstar, used Lotus Office and settled on Microsoft Office. But in all my nearly 15 years+, first as a student and then as a self-employed professional, I may have worked on more than a thousand complicated text files but perhaps, no more than 100 spreadsheets and presentations. Which is where I make this suggestion. Try the free, open source, Apache OpenOffice. It is a fully functional, feature rich, completely free office suite. It does not have a very different look or feel from Microsoft Word and there are always active online communities to help, if need be. You might find it difficult to migrate from MS Office to Apache Open Office, but trust me. Better invest some skill and use free Open Office than use pirated MS Office!
Unless you are a Microsoft Office power user, you won’t miss it. Now, who the hell is an MS Office power user? I can only suggest – ever used a Word Macro? If you haven’t, you are probably not using most of MS Office advanced features and would do as well on the free Apache Open Office.

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