Urkund and Google Books

An Urkund test check and a huge relief. I’ve referred to, paraphrased  and reproduced rather liberally from Google Preview books in my paper. And the terms governing my work require the paper to be put through Urkund.

I’ve acknowledged the sources in my paper at almost every instance (except perhaps mistakenly overlooked in a few places, which I cannot deny) but some told me that Urkund doesn’t really care about attribution when giving a ‘percent match’ result, though it does separately point them out in its full report. Yet others told me my University examiners doesn’t really bother to read the full Urkund report and are concerned only with the ‘Significance’ number this Report (the percent match with published sources).

Nearly 50 odd Google Preview Books referred in my 350 page paper and 7% significance match; it appears Urkund does not check against Google Books (January, 2017) … Lord be praised! 🙂


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