Jain religion – Santhara – High Court and Supreme Court in 2015

The Jain religion, Santhara practise and right to life was in the news recently, with the High Court of Rajasthan, at Jaipur, directing the State to stop and abolish the practice of ‘Santhara‘ and ‘Sallekhana‘ in the Jain religion and to treat any complaint in this regard as a criminal case. A challenge to this order before the Supreme Court led to an order staying the operation of the High Court judgment. I’m not on the merits or critique or otherwise of these orders and judgment (at the moment). Researching for it, I found how hard it can be when almost everyone either does not mention the name or case number of the High Court and Supreme Court cases or has got the name of the Special Leave Petition wrong! Be that as it may.

Here are the case numbers, titles and relevant orders and judgment for anybody interested in following the matter.

Before the High Court of Rajasthan at Jaipur Bench
D.B. Civil Writ Petition No.7414/2006,
Nikhil Soni v. Union of India & Ors.
Rajasthan High Court Judgment dated 10.08.2015

Before the Supreme Court of India
SLP (Civil) No.15592/2015 – Civil Appeal No.7085/2015
Dhawal Jiwan Mehta v. Nikhil Soni & Ors.
Supreme Court Stay Order dated 31.08.2015

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