And so I became hooked….

And so I became hooked….the fond memories…

  1. DOS, monochrome monitor brick breaker (predecessor of Arkanoid and clones)
  2. Squishy squashy handheld water game
  3. Tronica Air Fighter (Handheld)
  4. Aladdin (pre-installed on PC)
  5. Dangerous Dave (pre-installed on PC)
  6. (Ronny Wester’s) Cyberdogs (floppy bundled with PC magazine )
  7. Airlift Rescue (floppy bundled with PC magazine )
  8. Quake (CD bundled with PC magazine )
  9. Need for Speed 2
  10. Need for Speed III
  11. Roadrash
  12. Prince of Persia
  13. Quake II
  14. Duke Nukem 3D Demo (bulletin board download)
  15. Shadow Warrior
  16. Urban Chaos (yeh…GTA was still top down dots then)
  17. GTA III (and things changed forever)
  18. Postal (burrrrrn…yeah baby)


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