rapoo wire-less (use-less) mouse

Having lost my Logitech NANO receiver and also running low on cash, I settled on a rapoo wireless keyboard + mouse combo. The thing comes cheap at around INR 1000 (~less than US$ 15 as of December, 2016). Its low cost and claims to have a single USB receiver to run both keyboard and mouse at the same time.

rapoo Wireless Optical Mouse, Model 1650

I never got to working with the keyboard mouse together. In fact, I didn’t even have the heart to check the keyboard. In short, the mouse sucks BIG TIME!

The USB receiver is detected and installed in Windows 7 all right but left click is a mess. About 80%  of the times, a single click performs a double click. I tried changing Double-Click speed from Control Panel  but no use. Tried on different machines (Windows XP and Windows 10)…no good.

Middle mouse button is also useless – sometimes it doesn’t do anything at all, other times it erratically scrolls too many lines. This is a new, unused mouse straight out of the box so I can’t even suspect anything like war-and-tear or dust/dirt.

Summary: Stay away from rapoo. It may be cheap but no point throwing money on cheap stuff that doesn’t work! Rather, save that money and buy something decent from Logitech.


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