On, Why I Hate GTA V

Now that GTA V craze has cooled down a bit, I want to put forth my disappointment with the game (on a PC where I especially upgraded RAM and got an Asus Strix GTX 960 just for it).

  1. There is no story and the Story Mode is just a joke!
  2. Character switching kills the fun.
  3. Flying is awful … why else did they add the skip mode.
  4. You simply cannot relate to Michael De Santa’s family as much as you would like to … one minute they are there … next minute they are not …. and ultimately, they just disappear!!!! You obviously cannot connect to Trevor’s mamma who appears at the last moment and disappears…Franklin is just a bad copy of Carl Johnson ‘CJ’ of San Andreas.
  5. In San Andreas, the game made you go places and in turn enjoy the views and stuff. For all its vastness and everything , in GTA V, if you want to enjoy the area, you better be forced to go through useless barren areas just to meaninglessly hunt or see the moonlight!
  6. The f***king cops are way too aggressive … I jack car, they’re all over me … I walk with a gun, they’re all over me !!! If I wanted realism, I can play Rainbow Six or Swat Series … thankyou!!!
  7. Almost every time you fire up the game, there is an update waiting … even after damned 7 DVDds….5 GB update … 400 MB update …. another 500 MB update… and all update which have apparently nothing to add to Story Mode and yet forced upon me even if I don’t want to go Online (yes I have purchased original version … in fact, I pre-ordered it before people start slamming me as a pirate!!)

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