.zab File Extension

Stuck with an audio book with .zab extension? Zab extension is used for a (Z)ipped (A)udio (B)ook. Its really a collection of mp3 files zipped together in a single archive, with a .zab extension. In Windows, it can be played as it is with VLC Player. However, LAME based mp3 encoders are not able to convert it to any other format. On android, VLC Player, MX Player and Play Music, all fail to play it; renaming the file extension to mp3 is of no use. What helps is, open the .zab file with Windows freeware archive manager, 7zip, which will show all the individual  .mp3 files contained inside the .zab file, extract the .mp3 files and they can them be played normally, as any other .mp3 file.

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