GTA San Andreas Win 7 x64

Having finished a disappointing GTA V, I reinstalled my GTA San Andreas, only to find it full of problems. My system is Intel i5-2400, Asus Strix (Nvidia Geforce GTX 960), Corsair Vengeance 8 GB DDR-3 RAM But I think the greatest issue is Windows 7 Ultimate Edition 64 bits Before anybody complains, it all legit, the game and the OS. Now, issues and possible solutions:

1.Run in Compatibility mode for Windows XP SP3,  Disable “Visual Themes”, Disable “Desktop Composition”, Disable Display Scaling on High DPI settings”.

2. Textures look patchy. Solution: Turn on 32 bit resolution from Advanced Settings and Restart the game.

3 . Mouse won’t work. Solution: Apparently you have to place dinput8.dll file in the game directory. This one worked for me.

4. In Mission Home Invasion, CJ will keep tripping and getting wasted immediately. Solution: Turn On the Frame Limiter. The FPS will get shitty but keep it on for this one mission.

5. CJ goes out of the Gym and enter right back again. Solution: Well….this is not much of a solution but keep doing this repeatedly and eventually CJ would be able to leave the Gym.

6. In the mission with Woozie, Mountain Cloud Boys, CJ will simply not move or perform any action after entering the ‘red circle’. Solution: Don’t park the car in the ‘red circle’. Stop the car away from it and take CJ to the ‘red circle’ on foot…Woozie would follow and the mission would progress.

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