Beware of Blue Dart Courier Services

Ian Fleming once wrote, “Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action“.

Blue Dart courier service (Blue Dart Express Limited, to be more precise); well, once upon a time I considered it to be fast, reliable and one of the best. My latest experiences, however, have taught me otherwise.

Inceident No. 1: I receive my Citibank Credit Card statements through Blue Dart. One fine day, I noticed a blue colored envelope jutting out of a letterbox belonging to my neighbor (for those who are not familiar, in some apartments, we have a small pigeon coop like metal box fixed at the ground floor, in which oridinary post is dropped by the postman so he need not come up all the storeys). Now, ain’t a Blue Dart delivery supposed to be made against a signature by the recipient. So, how did that courier end up in the ordinary letterbox? That too, not belonging to me but to my neighbor! Had I not noticed it, my financial transactions would have been open for the world to see. How could he have done this? Obviously must have faked signatures, dropped the courier in the first box he could notice and flee, to avoid walking up three storeys (our building does not have a lift).

Incident No. 2: This time it was an overzealous delivery boy from Blue Dart who insisted that a courier belonged to me, while my mother, on the contrary argued that it was not mine since it did not have my name. Heck it was a PAN Card referring to a Company name. The address was almost same as mine but erred in one small detail, hence this confusion. The delivery boy could easily have taken it back a undelivered/delivery refused. Instead, he literally forced it upon my mother and rushed off.  Ultimately, I returned it by post to the Income Tax Deparment but consider the plight of the Company whose PAN Card would appear to have been delivered in Courier tracking, yet, it was not.

Incident No.3: What an ironical world this is. Incident number 3 is quite the opposite of aforesaid incident no.2. I was awaiting delivery of my Debit Card on the day the it was expected. I actually saw the delivery boy from my balcony in the building opposite to mine and assumed that he must be making a delivery there also. After about 20 minutes passed, I checked the tracking status and to my horror, it stated, “Delivery Attempted – Premises Closed”. The asshole had confused the address…wonder at his literacy level as house numbers are clearly marked at each door. To add insult to injury, Blue Dart customer support refused to accept the mistake despite my repeatedly narrating then my ‘eyewitness’ account of things. Maybe, I’d have to make a fresh request to my bank now…more waiting … more card issuance charges.

Thank you Blue Dart. You Suck. Don’t use Blue Dart. Sue Blue Cart. File Consumer Complaints against Blue Dart.

One Response to “Beware of Blue Dart Courier Services”

  1. Happened to me lot more time whenever I got a package which is delivering through Bluedart. Fu**##ng hate them. These will simply update premises closed, consingnee not available without even trying to contact.
    Once they took 4days to deliver my package within city. Bluedart really sucks.

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