Raymond Shop, Gandhi Bros. Opp. M2K, Rohini

Hi Everyone. Posting after a long time, but I really wanted to share my experience with the Raymond Shop, Gandhi Bros. located at Sector – 7, Rohini, Delhi, Opposite M2K Cinema. I wanted to have two suits tailored by them for myself and one for my father (the fabric was my own Raymond). So we approached the shop on 13.01.2015, promised trial on 21.01.2015 and final delivery within 10 days in all, i.e. 23.01.2015. I specifically informed them that I have a flight booked for 30.01.2015 and the gentlemen promised delivery within schedule. Come 21st and the trial went ok.

It was afterwards that our horror began. 23.01.2015, no delivery. 25.01.2015, no delivery but profuse apologies and sought only one more day. 27.01.2015…still no delivery and sought more time. Finally we were delivered two of the three Suits on 29.01.2013. And what about the third one…you guess it right…one more day…that means I miss my flight just because these clowns lied and deceived me and I had to cancel flight and stay back, only to receive the third Suit.

That is not the end of the story. During trial, the fitting was fine but when I got the final product, though the waistcoat and trousers were okay, the blazer itself was horrible. If I kept my arms straight, the appearance was passable but if I bended my arm even a bit, it was all in weird twists and crumples and my arm felt what an arm in a straightjacket must’ve felt. The Shirts, I had specifically placed order to have provision for cufflinks, but it came with buttons. Even if all this can be rectified, which I doubt, I have no more time to stay in Delhi as I have to attend, perhaps one of the most memorable event of my adulthood … my wedding … in these shitty fitting clothes 😦 With my skinny physique I don’t even find ready made Suits.

And how much did I pay for this ‘service’, Rs. 19600 … not to add the cost of fabric for a Shirt that I also purchased from Gandhi Bros. Raymond Shop. My advice, get stuff tailored from them if you want to mess up your costly fabric and look like you are wearing someone’s else’s and/or rented clothes.

This is an opinion expressed by me in good faith in the interest of public good and the facts expressed here are true to my experience and knowledge.


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