To Play or to be Played With?

These days, or nights actually, as I drive back home from work, I find little kids trying to sell balloons and toys to people in cars waiting at the red signal. Kids whose heads barely come up to my car window… and I’m driving an i20 not an SUV, so you can imagine that the kids are pretty small…

Its their age to play with those balloons and toys….not sell them.  Hurts to see things like that. Hate the parents who urge these little wonders to literally beg 😦

I try to find an answer … I try to think what I can do? (as a person who is anyways slaving in an office with no chance of a volunteer work).I think I’ll keep the toys that I had as a kid and let them enjoy it…instead of a Rupee or Two as some kind hearted cars bestow on them … I dunno .. it hurts

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