Drivers of Delhi

Here are some witty…and yet, sometimes true to life one-liners I’ve heard or invented about drivers/driving in Delhi.

  1. You know how to drive, the moment you learn where the Accelerator, Brake and Clutch are situated … simple [A] [B] [C] silly!
  2. You know what driving schools are meant to teach you. Not driving … silly!  The Power of Greens.
  3. You have a Permanent Driving License even before you know the Golden Rule of Driving…you got it right [A] [B] [C] !
  4. Giving a turn indicator is an information breach.
  5. Giving a ‘right turn’ indicator, when you have to turn left is the ‘Art of Deception’.
  6. If you have to change lanes, don’t give an indicate…you’ll hear the car suddenly revving up or stealthily trying to block you Nascar style. Just slip in quietly and yank the wheel.
  7. MC-BC IS the road language.
  8. If you hit a car/bike/scooter/pedestrian smaller than you, than beat the pulp out of him and run away.
  9. If you hit a car/bike/scooter/pedestrian larger than you, than plead guilty, whine, say your so sorry … all the while trying to slip out your cellphone to call the police. And hope the big man doesn’t beat the pulp out of you.
  10. I have the bigger car (tank) so I have the right to the road more than you.
  11. If there is an accident, you have to slow down and crane your neck out of the window to have the sanguine pleasure of seeing what happened and discuss it all day, in all gory details, in the office.
  12. Lanes? What are them? Oh Aliens?

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