Acer Aspire One – Caps Lock OSD

I do a lot of work on MS Word and often turn on CAPS accidentally. In such cases it was very handy to have a CAPS LOCK: ON notification on the lower right side of my Acer Aspire One Netbook.

Lately, however, the booting process on the Netbook had become very slow so I decided to do some house-cleaning and removed some startup entries I thought served no purpose for me.

In the process, I lost the On-Screen Display of CAPS LOCK status. Figures, the CAPS LOCK: ON / OFF is associated with the bluetooth tray application BTTray.exe…weird. It’s that little icon that sits in the system tray and its purpose ‘apparently’ is to show whether Bluetooth is on or off.

Activating BTTray.exe in startup entries fixed the CAPS LOCK notification. Strange way of implementing things!

2 Responses to “Acer Aspire One – Caps Lock OSD”

  1. how to find BTTray.exe.

  2. I found BTTray.exe. Ran the application but nothing seems to work still. Help?

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