Ad Blocking and Unblocking

Block unwanted ads cleanly using MVPS Hosts files and eDexter, save bandwidth and improve page loading times, for free.

I understand that the first method that pops in the minds of most people is switch to Firefox and use Ad-Block Add-On. While this sounds like a good idea, I don’t quite follow it. Correct me if I’m wrong, but as far as I know, the Ad-Block Add On merely restricts the ad from being displayed on a webpage; it does stop the download of the ad to a temporary location on the hard-drive. So, in essence, you are saved from seeing the obnoxious, embarrassing or simply unsolicited advertising, it does not really save the bandwidth or speed up page loading.

For a while, I used the shareware, AD-Muncher, which I quite liked. But, I was looking for a freeware alternative and my search ended with a combination of MVPS Hosts File, which successfully prevents the loading of most of the ads.

Using HOSTS file, however, leaves those ugly blocks on the webpage, saying “Unable to Connect” (in Firefox at least). To avoid these, I use eDexter. It is a local HTTP server, and replaces the Unable to Connect message with images of your choice, downloadable from that website itself. I’ve chosen the “Gorilla’s paw”, which replaces ads 🙂 !

Pic 1. A webpage without use of MVPS HOSTS file.

Pic 2. Same page with use of MVPS HOSTS file.

Pic 3. Same page with MVPS HOSTS file and eDexter. Notice the little green and blue paws 🙂

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