EBooks on PSP Slim – Bookr 8.1

Read eBooks on PSP, in plain text, PDF, CHM, HTML, DJVU, PalmDoc format with Ebook Reader v. 8.1 (BookR 8.1).

One of its neat features is that it  remembers the page you were reading before quitting the reader (tested with plain text and pdf file). The next time you open the file, it opens where you left (sort of bookmarking).

However, for reading html files, it seems to rely on the inbuilt PSP browser, which means the same limitations, low memory troubles, no bookmarking etc.  (I faced low memory error messages in opening a 1MB html file. Converting it to .txt reduced the sizer to 650Kb and I could read it directly in BookR).

PDF file was opened inside BookR and handled pretty well. A 3MB PDF file with images did not cause much lag.

One gripe though. The program uses (O) as the primary button and (X) as the secondary button, unlike most applications and menus of PSP; (O) will perform an action and (X) will go back to previous menu, for instance. That poses a minor irritant when shifting in the program menus.

Download Bookr v. 8.1 from Esnips or Rapidshare

Acknowledgments (as found in the original Readme file downloaded with the software)

Programmers – Carlos Carrasco Martinez and Edward Choh (Original)
– Christian Payeur (Control/GUI enhancements)
– Yang.Hu (DJVU support)
– Nguyen Chi Tam (CHM, HTML support)

MuPDF library – By Artifex Software, Inc. licensed under the AFPL license.
Visit: http://ghostpdf.com/new.html

ps2dev.org PSPSDK – http://ps2dev.org/psp/Projects

chmlib 0.39 by Jed Wing <jedwin@ugcs.caltech.edu>

VnConv by Pham Kim Long <longp@cslab.felk.cvut.cz>

DjVuLibre 3.5 by Leon Bottou and Yann Le Cun

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