EA Sims 3 – Symbian Mobile FAQ

I’ve just started with Sims 3 on my Nokia N95 and would add the tidbits about it as I progress with the game … a sort of FAQ if you’d please 😉

  1. Can I control Sims 3 on my Nokia N95 using the accelerometer feature of the phone?  I don’t think so. At least I don’t find any accelerometer support in Sims 3 on my N95; nor is there any Option to this effect. I guess accelerometer support is only for iPhone.
  2. Where/how can I catch fish in the game? Go the the Map and visit the “Hobby Shop”. Purchase the Fishing Kit.Visit the Lake. There are two spots each marked as “Fishing Spot”. Go to the Fishing Spot and choose “Go Fishing”. For fishing mini-game tutorial read the in-game Help (Pause > Help > Fishing Tutorial).
  3. What do I do with the fish I caught? You can sell it at the “Quickmart”. I made some quick money this way (and Tuna don’t go cheap 😉  ). Or, you could make a meal with it. For that purpose, you’d need a stove, the recipe and other ingredients that go in a recipe.
  4. Where do I get the recipes? Purchase them at the Bistro.
  5. Where do I get the other ingredients of a recipe? You can either buy them at the Quickmart or you could grow your own.
  6. How do I grow plants? You can grow plants only after the first upgrade to your home. You get a patch of garden on doing the first upgrade. Buy seeds from the Hobby Store and plant them. The seeds will then sprout. Buy some “Fertilizer” and “Watering Can” from the Hobbby Store. Select the plants and choose “Tend”. The plants will grow on tending. Tend them again and they’ll bear fruits …  carrots, tomatoes, corn etc. You can then “Harvest” them by clicking on the plant. The produce can be sold at Quickmart and/or used in recipes.
  7. I seem to be stuck at being “Best Friends” with the other Sim. How do I progress to a romantic relationship? If  you want to enter into a romantic relationship with a Sim, do not let your friendship progress/develop to the level of Best Friends or even Good Friends. Immediately after your reach the level of Friends, start the “Romantic” actions. I believe its popularly known as the ‘Friend Zone‘.
  8. I’m hell bent on having a romantic relationship with a Sim who considers me as Best Friend. How do I go about it? Well… it doesn’t sound good but you could humiliate and slap around the Sim (“Be Rude”)  so that the level of friendship goes down from best friend to good friend and then to just friend. Once that happens, do the romantic stuff. Mind you, I’ve no idea what could be the long term repercussions of these actions.
  9. What is woohoo-ing? I’ve no idea but I’d let you know once I find out.
  10. Can I copy-paste this info without referring to this source? You’d be a bad bad llama if you do.
  11. Can I sue you if my N95 blows up while following these tips? Nope. Llama grooming is to be blamed for that.

18 Responses to “EA Sims 3 – Symbian Mobile FAQ”

  1. a player Says:

    re: Q.9.
    woohoo-ing, if its the same w previous sims, is done in bed w the opposite sex 😉


  3. How do u sell fish i dnt get no option at store only the buy!

  4. Woohooing can actually be done anywhere in the house. I haven’t tried outside yet. and it can be done with the same sex too

  5. Redfacedgirl Says:

    You had all the answers I sought. Great job!

  6. heyy what about the goal that says to discover a new recipe?
    i’ve already bought all the recipes from the bistro and topped the culinary career and still nothing. help?

  7. Speak to Marcel about fish (make sure you have a salmon ready to give to him 🙂
    However i have a problem getting to the highest level of cooking. i am now on level 4 (sous chef) and every time i cook a meal after about 4 seconds the meal fails no matter what level the meter is at!!!

  8. Does anyone know how to reach the top of the career level in biology? I keep asking anya for a promotion (im currently on $240) but she keep sayin no!

  9. Fenix Choo Says:

    i am also having a problem getting to the highest level of cooking.
    i am now on level 4 (sous chef).
    Every time i cook a meal after about 3 seconds the meal fails no matter what level the meter is at!

  10. I am having the same Bio problem! I’m just trying to improve my skills. I’m even married and living with Anya. But, it is not working.

  11. I got the same two problems (cooking and Bio career) and also, I have a wish to gain a skill point in cleaning, but i’m already in the top of the skill meter…can anyone help me?

  12. With the skill point wish. You need to start another game and complete it when it becomes available with that sim.

  13. Its a shame there is still no answer to the highest cooking level problem. this is now the only thing keeping me from completing the game!!!

  14. Hey does anybody know what Anya’s personality traits are..?

  15. how to discover a recipe

  16. Marcella Says:

    @yash you cant discover a new recipe. You have to buy one at the bistro.
    @LahLah well shes easily bored, and shes a conversationalist. Thats all i know. Sorry.
    @Becca you sell fish by shopping at the store and click the arrow thats goin < that way.
    I am also having the problem with cooking. I cant win and i keep on failing the mini-game. This random empty black pot comes up and i tried tapping on it, try swipe it away or something but nothing, i cant win the mini game. Please help!

  17. @ lahlah the traits of anya r conversationalist, angler, active, mean-spirited..
    too m having a lot of trouble with finishing the last slot in the cooking skill…help plz

  18. hi 🙂 i see that you know so much about game and i want to ask u a simple qustion… how do you have woohoo ( or sex) with other sim ? i have a partnior but i have just hug, flirt, sexy dance and this is my options..what i have to do to make woohoo and get marries and so on? i will be happy if u tell me 🙂

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