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My post on UGC NET question paper was the biggest draw to my blog. Yet, it was unfortunate that despite repeated requests, people did not refrain from ‘demanding’ previous year question papers in their comments … 40 odd pages filled with comments seeking question papers when I clearly mentioned that I have none.  So much so that the Post was bloated with comments and page loading times increased dramatically, thanks to comments which I consider nothing more than spam. Comments on the page were therefore closed and all old comments have been deleted.

All but one…

The UGC NET post consistently received a same comment from one Mr.Gajanan Rashinkar, who claims to have cleared NET 20 times, having been nominated by Guinness Book of World Records for this feat and having a magic bullet for clearing UGC NET exam. I don’t quite follow Mr.Rashinkar, but since I have now locked the said post from comments I feel Mr. Rashinkar’s labors may be preserved in this post….fwiw…


Submitted on 2008/10/21 at 9:34pm
Dear all ,Here is fastest technique to pass net/set
I HAVE CLEARED NET EXAM IN CHEMISTRY FOR 10 TIMES AND SLET EXAM of Maharashtra IN CHEMISTRY FOR 10 TIMES.(People find it difficult to imagine,but belive me I have cleared these exams 20 times). I AM WORKING AS A LECTURER IN CHEMISTRY,SHIVAJI UNIVERSITY,KOLHAPUR,MAHARASHTRA.PASSING THESE EXAMS IS EASIEST.I KNOW A TRICK TO PASS NET IN ONLY 10 DAYS.YOU CAN WRITE A E-MAIL TO ME ON gsrchemsuk@yahoo.co.in .No money are charged for any sort of guidance. I have been nominated for Guinness book of world record for passing the same exam for maximum number of times. Remember the easiest thing in the world is to pass NET exam .The only thing required is proper approach and technique. A deep study alone will never help you to get through NET. You need to see old question papers .If u analyze them carefully,u will find that by studying only 35%syllabus you will be able to pass NET. Though NET exam papers are not available ,you can get SET exam papers of all the subjects in our university(Maharashtra SET EXAM).Remember that Maharashtra SET EXAM is very much similar to NET exam. Once you select the syllabus(35%) that you are going to study the next thing is to see what type of questions are asked on selected syllabus. Remember that the questions asked are applicative and are in very different form that what we think. Referring old question papers will help you to know about the form of study that you should do. I wish to write a lot. O.K. Best of luck.

Let me start with my earlier discussion. I wish to tell u a trick for preparing descriptive paper.
First thing that you need to pass is to have old question papers(at least 5 question papers)
Second thing is to analyze the question paper. While you analyze you need to find the number of questions asked on each topic. For example ,I analyze Chemistry paper as
No of Questions asked in exams
TOPIC June 07 Dec 06 June 06 Dec05
Lanthanide 01 01 01 01
Transition Chemistry 4 4 4 4
Organometallic Chem. 2 2 2 2
Reagents 2 2 2 2
We have almost 35 topics on which 40 questions are asked. We need to solve only 10 questions amongst them. While I analyze I find that If i only study few topics like Transition Chemistry and few other I can easily solve 10 questions ion the exam. So I choose only 12 topics amongst 35 topics. Do you know that it will take at least 10 years for me to study all 35 topics and it is true for all the subjects. But friends,there is no need to study entire syllabus. Only 35%(Max) syllabus study will help you to solve the required questions. We have applied this trick to most of science subjects and found that it works well.
the next job after selection of topics is to see what sort of questions are asked on selected topics. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT TASK.MOST OF US NEVER FIND QUESTIONS IN NET EXAM ON WHAT WE HAVE STUDIED.I HOPE ALL OF U WILL AGREE ME.LETS SEE WHY THIS HAPPENS.
The questions asked in NET exam are always beyond our imagination. For example,a history students has a topic :History of King Shivaji.
What the student will study on shivaji is ,who was shivaji,where he was born,how he ruled the Maharashtra,with whom he fought with and some other points.( Shivaji was a great King).Anybody will study the same thing.
if you look the old question papers you will find the following questions on Shivaji.
June 2007:
Describe the gold ornaments used during Shivaji’s era?
Dec 2006:
Describe the Silver ornaments used during Shivaji’s era?
Jun 2006:
Describe the Copper ornaments used during Shivaji’s era?
Jun 2006:
Describe the diamond ornaments used during Shivaji’s era?
So what did you learn from questions is that the study of ornaments is important that any other point. The level of question is beyond our imagination.
Do you notice the other point that the questions asked in NET exam are so similar that you can guess what will be the next question. For example the
Describe gem ornaments or some type of other used during Shivaji’s era?
So friends always look at the questions and then decide the content that you should study. Net exam questions are easy to guess after such a analysis. I give my students the guess questions of 80 marks in chemistry before they go for exam. They find the same questions in the exam. My students say that I have a link with NET office and therefore I know the questions before exam.( great joke).The most predictable thing in the world is questions asked in net exam provided that u analyze the questions properly.
In next discussion,I will tell u regarding presentation in exam. Please convey me feedback. I regret for spelling mistakes.

Gajanan Rashinkar


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