Aravali Biodiversity Park

Just came across this interesting blog post on the Aravali Biodiversity Park in Delhi and thought it might be worth a visit. So here goes….

An Adventure at the Aravali Biodiversity Park

As I land up the gates in my car, the first thing I’m told by the bored looking guard is that no cars are allowed inside. Fair enough. But atleast I could park inside considering that from outside I can see a Maruti 800 car parked inside (well actually I heard it before I saw, thanks to those sonorous Haryanvi love ballads blaring from its speakers … probably just some bird watching enthusiasts) . Anyways. I get down and walk up to the gates of this great triumph of nature over man. The guard has disappeared by now to be replaced by the custodian of this park. Eyes popping, bloodshot; reeking of whiskey at 4 o’ clock summer evening.

Round one: No cameras allowed … “naa, camera na lay jaane doonga..plane 30 foot aa jate hain iss park ke oopar, order hain ” (No cameras allowed. The airplanes are barely 30 feet above the ground as they pass this area. Orders. No camera). Woki, so I’ll drop the camera.

Round 2: I  unfortunately happened to be accompanied by a female lawyer colleague with a similar enthusiasm for amateur photography … nothing doing “naa…joda andar aane naa doonga “(I won’t allow a couple). All this while this guardian of the park, its morality and the air traffic above it was traveling back and forth between this car parked inside, getting his replenishments/tissue restorers/eye coloring dyes. When I dared to ask his credentials, 3 friendly Samaritans popped out of this friendly looking car and very considerately explained me the route to the main road. So, thanks buddies for giving me the face saver; by now I was anyways not interested in entering the park and having the lady molested by you happy folks (best case scenario).

Amazing. I love nature. I love Aravali Biodiversity Park for the diverse slime forms it has on display.

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