uTorrent and Sygate Personal Firewall

uTorrent always showed a yellow sign when running behind Sygate Personal Firewall. Turning off the firewall solved this problem. And yet I wanted to keep Sygate ‘on’ just to stop installed software from unnecessarily calling home….for forced updates or whatever else.

This tip from whirlpool.au forums worked just great:

Sygate Personal Firewall > Tools > Advanced Rules > Add

Rule Description: Give any handy name to the rule e.g. P2P

General Tab > Action > Allow this Traffic

General Tab > Advanced Settings > Apply Rule to Network Interface > All Network Interface Cards

Hosts Tab > All Addresses

Ports and Protocols Tab > All

Applications Tab > Check uTorrent from the list (or if your application is not there than “Browse for it”).

Now uTorrent has no problems with incoming connections even with Sygate running. Of course, this is in addition to configuring and prt forwarding your router.

One Response to “uTorrent and Sygate Personal Firewall”

  1. Thank you my friend,

    Wish Id found your page BEFORE wasting 2 hours of my life trying to reconfigure port forwarding

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