Nokia N80 Multimedia Key Not Working?

N80 multimedia key just refuses to work sometimes. A possible reason might be the apps you’ve installed on your handset?

The multimedia key on my N80 used to work just fine until some software installs. I managed to reduce this down to Very Soft’s Nice Alarm for Series 60 3rd Edition. Its an app that allows one to setup multiple alarms. After an alarm is triggered by this app, the multimedia key stops functioning until you restart the handset. Uninstalling the app solves the issues. Don’t mean to blame the app in particular. Maybe other alarm apps cause the same but I’ve no time to ascertain the same just yet. My Nokia N80 Firmware Version is 5.0719.0.2

EDIT: From what I could gather off forums, this problem occurs with other alarm managers like Best Alarms , Smartbian Alarm Manager and Epocware Handy Alarm as well. Too bad, cos its a must have for me 😦

UPDATE: Finally managed to find one alarm app that does not interfere with the MM key. Epocware’s Hand Alarm v. 1.01 is working flawlessly on my handset (not their latest version).

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