Brian Lara Cricket 99 PC on WinXP

How to run Brian Lara Cricket 99 on a computer running Windows XP?

Yes, its a really old game now, Codemasters’ Brian Lara Cricket 99 but its still fun. And, given the state of affairs as far as Cricket video games are concerned, its still cool enough to give the latest cricket games from EA Sports and Codemasters a run for their money, if you leave aside the graphics for the moment. Then again, unlike these latest avatars, it can play on any PC purchased in the last 3-4 years.

Trouble is, it won’t run on Windows XP. The workaround, use modified executables. I’ve no idea how these freak executables came into being. I found them on a forum a ages ago (was thought to be an inside leak or something at that time). Be that as may. These files can be downloaded from my ESnips folder.

Theywork with original game CD, backup CD as also an image loaded on virtual drives like Daemon Tools. Don’t ask for a NoCD since I neither have any crack nor the knowledge to make one.

Download and extract the files in BLC directory to replace your original exe files. The three different exe were meant for different graphics hardware (as the name suggests, d3dtnt seems to be for nvidia TNT based video cards). Anyways, D3D high should work with newer video cards or else try all the three.

Also, you can download a set of Frequently Asked Questions for Brian Lara Cricket 99 PC, including hints, tips, troubleshooting, cheats etc…something I had written way back. Brian Lara Cricket 99 PC FAQ


39 Responses to “Brian Lara Cricket 99 PC on WinXP”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    tx dude

  2. Bless you man.. was thinking that the backup I had made of that install was going to go wasted..
    Apparently BLC-2005 was good.. never got to play. EA just never gets it right when it comes to cricket. They seem to think cricket is played by either blasting the ball around the park, or getting out. Kinda sucks, if you can’t use any other kind of strategy..

  3. hey, the game works fine till the toss, but after that, the umpires just keep folding and unfolding their hands, the bloody game doesnt advance…any ideas why??

  4. Unfortunately doesn’t seem to work for Shane Warne Cricket, which is otherwise identical.

  5. please tell me where can i find brainlara cricket 99 to download

  6. mohd muqim khan Says:

    i want this game i will be thankfull to yahoo

  7. i like very vrey cricket 99

  8. Hey guys visit this link for Brian Lara Cricket 99 Second Edition 2008 .. It is the game uploaded with updated patches for Windows XP platform.

    Check out this link for more information

  9. Great stuff works a dream and im using windows vista, all ive done is download all 3 .zip files and replace them like it said then bingo all loads, the first video advertising codemasters does not work however the game works great many thinks

  10. kirubakaran Says:

    it is quitting on serious sound error? what to do?

  11. Download and read the FAQ from the post. It has the solution for the problems of game not progressing after coin toss aka ‘umpires crossing and re-crossing legs’.

  12. hi dude,gr88888888888888888,
    that was ma dream,u made it comes true, i m really really grateful to you,thx buddy, and plz help and tell us more,thx again.usman

  13. he game works fine till the toss,umpires just keep folding and unfolding their hands,and nothing.what i do?

  14. Answered before…its a cleared issue. Download and try to read the FAQ from this very post.

  15. hi
    i have downloaded blc99 and installed successfully with your instructions,
    loaded xp patch also
    but when i try to play its saying “COULD NOT FIND BRIAN LARA CRICKET CD!”
    what to do now ??
    plz tell me

  16. ^^ @ kartik, I don’t know which patch you are referring to, but in case you are using the d3dhigh/d3dlow executables from this page, then remember that the won’t work without a cd. They will work with a backup cd, i.e. an ordinary disc burnt with the image of the game. But they won’t work in in the absence of any cd at all.

  17. @hey man can u please tell me which stuffs should be burn in cd…plzzzzz

  18. vaibhav grover Says:

    while opening brain lara cricket there is waring—your clock speed is approximately -2093MHz.this is below the minimum specification of 200MHz.

  19. vaibhav grover Says:

    while opening brain lara cricket there is waring—your clock speed is approximately -2093MHz.this is below the minimum specification of 200MHz.

  20. @vaibhav.. Buddy Im getting the same error. Plz let me know if u find any solution

  21. am running win 98 using vmware in win xp in order to play the brian lara 99 bt iam getting the following errors

    1)a required .dll file,glide2x.dll ,was not found

    after clickng ok
    2)error intialsing sound card reboot windows 95/98 and try again

    after that iam not gettting any sound l

    3)could not open spool file:SPOOL\WAFFLE\30.WAV if using CD please insert

    then onwards it is not working….

    plz help me frnds………………am eagrly waiting for u r help……………

  22. @ Praveen
    Why don;t u download the .dll files? might help;…….probably

  23. dude i love you man i was looking for this game for 10 years extremely thanks .iam very thankfull to you

  24. its running perfectlty

  25. its running in windows 7 perfectly dudes

  26. hello friends first download brain lara cricket 99 from torrent or google and then after sinstallation download these 3 files and place it in your blc 99 destination directory

  27. you are really a god man

  28. It’s asking for cd. i don;t have any other solution

  29. where is the link to download blc 99 ?? ?

  30. My processor speed is 1500 and t wants 200 speed so what i can do reply

  31. You can download BLC 99 SE from my blog –

    And i am not able to download these 3 files, can you upload them in anywhere else please…

  32. Cricket Forum…

    […]Brian Lara Cricket 99 PC on WinXP « Act of God[…]…

  33. My processor speed is 1500 and t wants 200 speed so what i can do reply

  34. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  35. I want this game
    how 2 download in my pc

  36. it wasn’t work fool

  37. Thanks fnd.

  38. Hi Vibhav

    I installed the game on my win7 laptop i5 64 bit, Do i need any specific dll for video need to be install ? also the above link for esnips doesn’t work.

  39. excellent points altogether, you just received a logo new reader.
    What might you suggest about your put up that you made some days ago?

    Any sure?

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