UGC NET December 2006 – Question Paper on Law

Through this post I had tried to reproduce the question paper of UGC NET December 2006 exam, from my memory. The UGC has now decided to allow access to its old question papers (the general paper as well as all subjects) from December 2004 onwards and this page is now redundant . The Question Papers may be downloaded from the official website of UGC. Question Papers on the subject of Law can also be downloaded from the official website.

Question Papers of Paper I from December 2004 to December 2008 may be downloaded from

Good luck everyone! It was nice to have you here.

As before, some of the questions here will appear incomplete. The reason being that I cannot recall every question exactly. So where I do remember the broad topic I’ll leave it at that. Same with the options in multiple choice questions. As far as the optional questions are concerned, I only remember those that I attempted. As far as the order of the questions is concerned, its in the order I can recollect! Answers, I leave it to you; they should be easy to locate on the web. If your really want an answer to some tricky question, leave a comment.

1. The material provided here is on an as-is basis, to the best of my recollection. I don’t make any claims or assertions as to its authenticity, value or academic merits.
2. I’m not related to the University Grants Commission in any way.
3. All rights in the following material vests with the original copyright holder and the material provided here is solely for the reader’s fair, non-commercial, educational use. DO NOT use this material for commercial purposes or me and UGC will find you and sue your sorry ass.
4. Check with the official website of the UGC for any latest developments relating to syllabus, exam schedules etc.

Download the syllabus for Paper II and Paper III here. As of December 2006, the pattern of examination for Paper III has changed. The pattern given in the syllabus does not reflect the correct position. The updated examination pattern as per UGC is contained in this file from UGC. The subjects / electives however remain the same as given in the syllabus. The papers here have a lot of gaps (missing options or incomplete questions). Feel free to drop a comment if you would like to correct them where I’m wrong, or to suggest any additions.

Paper II
50 objective type questions (multiple choice, true-false, assertion-reasoning, matching) for 100 marks. There is no negative marking.

1. What is layoff?

2. What is retrenchment?

3. Crime is an
a. Illegal act.
b. Immoral act.
c. Illegal and immoral act

4. Which Section of the Indian Contract Act contains the remedy for breach of contract?

5. Arrange the order in which the following arise in a contract: invitation to i.offer, ii.damages, iii.acceptance, iv.deceit.
a. i, ii, iii, iv.
b. i, iii, iv, ii.
c. i, iv, iii, ii.

6. What is vicarious liability?

7. A armed with a sword and B armed with a stick approach C with an intent to murder him. B beat C with his stick while A did nothing. A then took C to hospital where C dies. What is the liability of A and B?

8. A abets B, to abet C to murder D. B wrote a letter to abet C but C does not read letter. What are the liabilities of A and B

9. under what provision of the Indian Penal Code, the right to private defense may extend to taking life?

10. What is the meaning of insanity under Section 84 of the Indian Penal Code?
a. Legal insanity.
b. Medical insanity.

11. Treaty making in international law is similar to municipal law making in:
a. legislation
b. delegated legislation.

12. Dualism and monism are:
a. Complimentary to each other.
b. Different from each other.
c.Not related.

13. What were the issues involved in Islamic Society case?

14. Disputes realting to the elction of Preident and Vice President of India are decided by:
a. Supreme Court of India.
b. Central Election Commission.
c. Joint Parliamentary Committee.

[Another 3-5 questions from personal laws, primarily Muslim law and 2 questions on the topic of minor’s capacity to contract for necessaries]

Paper III.
Section 1.

A paragraph quoted from a judgment followed by 5 questions from the passage, to be answered in 30 words each.

1. From which judgment is the quoted paragraph taken? * What are the issues involved?

2.What are the rights guaranteed the minorities under Article 30(1) of the Constitution of India?

3. Why was the protection under Article 30(1) needed?

4. What are limits of the rights guaranteed under 30(1)?

5. How does Article 29(2) dilute this right?

* Might have been from Islamic Society case or the TMA Pai Foundation Case. I’m not certain.

Section 2.
15 questions on law from the syllabus, to be answered in 30 word each. There were no choices or optionals. 5 marks for each question.

1. Discuss the working of Parliamentary Committees.

2. B owed money to A. To put pressure on B to repay the amount, A forcible herded B’s cows grazing on B’s fields. Discuss the liability of A.

3. Possession is nine-tenth ownership. Discuss.

4. Discuss the natural law propounded by St. Thomas Aquinas.

4. Abetment relates to the state of mind of the abettor not to the act of the abetted. Discuss.

5. Write a short note on polygamy under the Muslim law.

6. What changes were brought about by 1976 amendment to Hindu Marriage Act, 1955.

7. Discuss the powers of the Director of a company.

8. Explain res ipsa loquitor.

9. Explain audi altrum partum.

10. Discuss the dispute settlement mechanism under the WTO.

11. Discuss the working of the National Human Rights Commission.

12. What is meant by sustainable development?

13. Exaplin the meaning of ‘holder’ and ‘holder in due course’.

14. Discuss the powers and privileges of the Parliament.

Section III.
10 groups of five questions (as described in the syllabus). Any one group had to be chosen and five question answered in 200 words each. Each question carried 5 marks.

1. Discuss the method of appointment and transfer of judges.

2. Discuss the measure taken by the Supreme Court of India in protection of working women from harassment.

3. What is a Bill?

4. What are the limits placed by the Courts on amendment of the Constitution.

5. Write a short note on the Parliamentary form of Government in India. How can a Presidential form of government benefit India?

Section IV.
Write a 1000 words essay on a topic chosen from the given topics (10 options, if I remember correctly). Carries 40 marks.

‘Polluter pays principle’ and ‘precautionary’ principle in the environmental law of India.


Secularism is many a time misused as non-religious Explain the concept in the light of Freedom of religion.

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