Orchid Innovations Bluetooth USB Dongle Drivers

Orchid Innovation USB Bluetooth Dongle Looking for drivers for the bluetooth USB dongle? There are no specific drivers for this device. The Orchid Innovations USB-BT dongle (at least the one I own) contains chipset from some Integrated System Solution Corp. Quick Google search leads me to the page describing the ISSC BT Dongle. The description page provides that this device will work either with Widcomm drivers or the IVT Bluesoleil driver package.

As far as I know, the Widcomm drivers can only be obtained bundled with the product from the manufacturer and Widcomm (now acquired by Broadcom, as the site says) does not provide any public downloads for this driver. So there is not much to choose from.

If you are looking for IVT Bluesoleil Software, just visit www.esnips.com and perform a Search. Apparently many people have uploaded it there.

There were some problems with Nokia PC Suite but they were finally resolved (read my other post if you face hardware error message with PC Suite BT connectivity).

Update: Thanks Sanjay for updating us. Looks like Orchid Innovations have put up drivers for their products at http://www.orchidinnovations.com/drivers.htm ORC-BT-IVT looks like the driver for the dongle (there are no clear instructions). My Orchid dongle went kaput long ago so I’ve no idea if these work or not. All the best, people.


21 Responses to “Orchid Innovations Bluetooth USB Dongle Drivers”

  1. Hi,

    I just recently bought an Orchid Inovations bluetooth dongle, not the one shown in the picture, its a latest one available out there, its class 2 and supports 500 ft range, was also supplied with a software CD, this dongle doesn’t work with any other sofwate available, not even with the latest drivers available on the broadcom website, it keeps prompting for license, it workd only if you install it using the bundled CD, the problem is, this dongle doesn’t work with my Samsung WEP150 bluetooth handsfree, everything else works fine with this dongle, I can connect to internet using GPRS, can transfer files between mobile/pc, I can pair the Samsung handsfree and the dongle, it gets paired fine(I can confirm that by looking at the flashing lights on the handsfree) and also the beep confirms the pairing, but can’t hear anything out of it, and if I go to control panel and test the hardware for sound output/input id doesn’t work, it shows as bluetooth audio device is there, but it cannot use that..

    Is anyone else having the same problem??? I am thinking of getting this replaced if it doesn’t work, since its the only one available with this high operating range, I want to try everything I can before I think of getting this replaced, the Bluesoleil doesn’t work with this dongle, it keeps prompting for an hardware…

    The same handsfree works fine with another bluetooth dongle which gets detected by the Bluesoleil software….Any suggestion??/


  2. Hi,

    Please down load drivers from our website http://www.orchidinnovations.com


  3. Hi Guys,

    You can download the drivers at http://www.orchidinnovations.com


  4. Hi Friends,

    Regarding BT Drivers :

    All you need to do is to contact us through E-mail /Phone / Fax and we shall dispatch you a Free driver CD; the correct version as per your Bleutooth Model.

    Please understand that all things in the world is not free so as Bluetooth Driver on Internet. Either you can identify the version of the device you own or contact us so that we can provide you all the support required by you.

    You can download the drivers available on our site or contact us.

    Our details are given on http://www.orchidinnovations.com or mail us at simple@vsnl.com (for a quick response).


    Ph : +91 99102 90962 (INDIA)
    Fax: +91 011 4161 8016
    Email : support@orchidinnovations.com

  5. plz send me orchid ZYBT20-100 dongle driver

  6. Balasubramanian M Says:

    After installing the Bluesoleil 2.6.09 release 070606, the blue tooth device is not getting identified. It is asking for BCM2045A drivers, can you please send it to me.

  7. http://www.orchidinnovations.com/drivers.htm

    ^^^^ download drivers from this page, idiots havent made a download page/drivers page for it, i went to the support section and was surprised to see all the drivers over here.. enjoy.. moi cd got corrupt

  8. Hey people, u guys know that Windows Vista has been came out. but on that fresh windows you cannot install any of these drives. i am user of vista and tried to install them but no, its not possible ppl!! you can update your drivers by using this updating software by downloading from this link, u dont have to worry, this software made by Widcomm will automatically install everything u need http://update.broadcom.com/downloads/btwinitialupdate.exe ok ppl have fun and enjoy!!

    Sat Sri Akal, Namaste, Salaam…

  9. v.v.thankful you for act of findness

  10. Jawid Sopori Says:

    i cant found any where the driver of the
    Please send me a link or send a driver cd

  11. i cant found any where the driver of the
    Please send me a link or send a driver cd

  12. I am in need of BCM2045A driver…can anyone please help me out..

    please do the needful as early as possible…



  13. orchid driver

  14. Good morning
    i have a Zybt20 100 Bluetooth internet Dongle and i need free Drivers and software downloads for it…. could you please help me…..
    Kind Regards

  15. yogendra lilhare Says:

    i have purchased the usb blue tooth device (BMC2045A). now i lost the CD of the same and want to run the blue tooth device on vista system. so i required the driver for the same.
    so help me on the topic above.

  16. is there a mac os x driver or kext for orchid innovations bluetooth dongle – it used to work before – but after i updated to 10.5.8 – it is no longer working

  17. GRiM ReaPR Says:

    Your product support is terrible. I have a ZYBT 20 100 Bluetooth dongle with no drivers and I cannot findanything anywhere. I will NEVER purchase your rubbish products again.

  18. i have orchid bluetooth exactly same as shown in picture , i want to run it with windows xp service pack 2 with intel atom processor. plz anyone help what is the required driver to be installed so that it can connect to external bluetooth devices like bluetooth headphone

  19. hiiii…
    i have the same bluetooth shown in picture.but i dont have installation file for it,so plz let me know the required driver to be installed for windows xp sp2…..

  20. “orchid innovations bluetooth drivers” u need better website..!! Whr the hell r drivers!!

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