USB Bluetooth Dongles, Bluesoleil and Nokia PC Suite

USB bluetooth dongles are well known to have problems working with Nokia PC Suite in Windows XP SP2. The Windows Bluetooth Device drivers are often pointed out as the culpricts. The solution for this situation is well documented by Microsoft in KB840635.But in case of cheap bluetooth dongles, like the one by Orchid Innovations that I own, the problem lies elsewhere.

This posting relates to solving the issues between the bluetooth dongles and PC Suite. If you are looking for IVT Bluesoleil Software, just visit and perform a Search. Apparently many people have uploaded it there.Drivers for this and many such dongles are not installed by Windows plug-and-play and bth.inf is not the culprict. These dongles commonly come with IVT Corporation’s BlueSoleil Bluetooth driver package. Usually, Nokia PC Suite and IVT BlueSoleil are installed without a hitch. The user can send and recieve messages from the computer to the BT enabled mobile phone through the BlueSoleil services. But when attempt is made to connect Nokia PC Suite to the BT cellphone, it gives an error message, “Cannot use the connection type. Check that all the needed hardware software and drivers are available”.

Here’s how I got my BT connection working:
We start on the basic assumption that you are using a bluetooth capable mobile phone, a Windows XP computer with Service Pack 2 and a Bluetooth USB dongle with which IVT BlueSoleil installation package was bundled.

To make sure we start with a relatively clean slate, go to your computer’s Windows\inf directory, find “bth.inf” and rename it to “bth.bak”.(If you cannot find the file open My Computer, go to Tools > Folder Options > View and uncheck Hide extensions for known file types. Similarly, for “Hidden Files and Folders” choose “Show Hidden Files and Folders).

Then uninstall the Nokia PC Suite, any BT dongle drivers you installed and the IVT Bluesoleil package. Reboot PC.Go to the Nokia PC Suite download page and download the PC Suite package most appropriate for your computer and cellphone (Nokia PC Suite 6.8 being the latest at the time of writing this).Next, download the BlueSoleil Standard version package.

Install BlueSoleil and restart your PC.Install Nokia PC Suite and resart your PC once more.You might have selected autostart option during BlueSoleil installation and the service might be running already. In the alternative, start the Bluesoleil sevice by clicking on the desktop icon created in the installation.

Start Nokia PC Suite.Right click on its tray icon and click “About Nokia PC Suite”.In “About Nokia PC Suite” screen, click “System Info”.Scroll down and find the section marked “Bluetooth Stacks”.This should list a Microsoft Bluetooth Stack and an IVT Bluetooth Stack. If the IVT Bluetooth Stack is not listed than you have pinpointed your problem.Open “Start” > “Run”. Type excatly this, including the quotes (simply copy-paste)

regsvr32 “C:\Program Files\Common Files\PCSuite\Transports\NclIVTBTMM.dll”

Press OK and a Regsvr32 dialog box should pop up indicating a successfull DLL registration. Restart the computer. Now start the Bluesoleil service and Nokia PC Suite. IVT Bletooth Stack should be listed in System Info now. Enable your cellphone BT services in discoverable mode. Enjoy!


45 Responses to “USB Bluetooth Dongles, Bluesoleil and Nokia PC Suite”

  1. Anonymous Says:


  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the try, but when I try to see if the Stack is in the System Info menu. It´s there. And my PC Suite keeps telling me thet doesn´t find the phone.

    Any sugestions?

  3. Dear Sir/mam

    i would like to ask one question that, i have Nokia 6600 model and i purchsed orchid Bluetooth for the transfering of the document. I send Things from the Laptop to Mobile ( N-6600) but not able to send from Mobile to Laptopm.

    I want your help on this, plz do the needful.


  4. Hello,I cant find ” inf directory “


    If you want to send a file from the phone to the PC then you need to right click on the bluetooth icon available on the system tray on the right hand side of the taskbar and select the option as Receive a file and then immediately send the file from the phone to the PC.

  6. Hi,

    I hate to say this but I followed your instructions to the letter and it didn’t work,

    The IVT is there so I am well and truly stuck with this now

  7. shannen Says:

    hya… ive gt to the stage where i can see my files from my phone on my computer …. but thats all .. i did not recieve insturctions so can someone please give me step to step help on how to recieve files from my computer to my phone through IVT Bluesoliel thanks xxx

  8. Efc_1878 Says:

    hey i send things off my phone to the computer and it says it has recieved .. but my phone is still sending so i click on the folder and the image is there … well half of it is .. but im seriously stuck on how to send pictures from the computer to the phone ??

    can anybody help ??

    Thanks x

  9. Anurag Verm Says:

    I don’t know how to get the installation of this Orchid Dongle first, when Plugged-in it always show unerecognised USB attached and hence it seems drivers itself is not installed. I have used softwares for this dongle from Orchidinnovations website (the IVT Suite). Can you pleass tell me what is the problem, is the bth.inf itself has gone missing or do i have search and install it before using bluesoleil software?

  10. Renjith Joseph Says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Your tutorials solved a biggest problem. now my phone (N80) is connected sucessfully via bluetooth (PC suite). thanks a lot…

    Great Work..

    But bluetooth stack needs to be registered else only 5 MB can transfer

  11. mine says “Load Library (“D:\Program”) Failed – the specified module could not be found.

    help please.

  12. Problem Solved !!

    For all those people who r in shallow waters bcz of the PC Suite and BlueSoliel compatibility (where I was, not a long time ago) … here is the solution.

    Step 1. Install BlueSoliel only for drivers! Don’t do ANYTHING else with it, especially pairing ..

    Step 2. Restart for a good measure and install all the Abra Ka Dabra of PC Suite.

    N Thats it!

    HOWEVER … Vista keeps throwing a window in a minimized form called ‘Interactive Service Dialog Detection’ [ Meaning BlueSoliel wants to join the party too … Ignore and close it!

    Hope that helps ..

  13. orchid Bluetooth is not working good in nokia 6600 pls!!!! solve the problem?????????????

  14. what i did was that i went to ‘c:\Windows\inf’ and i renamed the bth.inf file to bth.bak.Then i went to bluesoleil menu and checked if it ran/found my phone which it did.Then i went to Pc Suite -> Manage Connections and found that the ‘Bluetooth(IVT bluesoliel)’ option was already checked.Every thing has been working fine since then.All i need to do was delete or rename the file ‘c:\Windows\inf\bth.inf’.

    Hope this helps

  15. battling as well-can anybody suggest correct port and modem(bt and cable) speed settings 4 dun and nokia n type? Tks

  16. Hey.
    I have a BlueSoleil Bluetooth Dongle for Windows Vista.
    And I can transfer files FROM my phone TO my computer.
    but not FROM my computer TO my phone.
    i just want to send the ringtones i downloaded to my cellphone.
    I have a Motorola Razr V3, but hopefully you can help me!!!

  17. flipsurfer Says:

    ive found a nokia pc suite that support IVT bluesoleil bluetooth…

    this is no crack, found it from nokia philippines site… it seems most of people there has ivt bluesoleil bluetooth…haha!

    just download the suit that fit your unit…


  18. I am trying to stream music from my phone to my laptop using BT. While I face no problems in doing so to a laptop with an integrated BT module, I am unable to do so on a laptop that has the Orchid BT dongle plugged in. The Bluesoleil s/w keeps telling me that my phone does not support the audio gateway. I am surprised, given the fact that I can stream audio to other laptops with inbuilt BT module without a problem!

  19. Woow, this is it! I have the exact situation (and yes i bought the cheap one too). I’ve read many forum and followed the instruction, but none of those worked.

    This one is. Thank you so much!

  20. I manage to fix my BlueSoleil + Nokia PC Suite, it is due to version matching between the 2 application.

    Works perfectly for me with Bluesoleil v5.0.5.178 + Nokia PC Suite v6.85.14.1 with the installation steps proposed above by various users.

    Problem is that most of the bluesoleil bluetooth usb adaptors in the market are bundled with bluesoleil v2.3.x. So u’ll need to source on your own for bluesoleil v5.0.5.178 or u’ll have to search for the old Nokia PC Suite that is *probably* v6.80.

    IMHO, with nokia pc suite (esp. the latest version that’s been promised with lotsa goodies in managing your nokia handset), *try* to avoid using bluesoleil powered usb bluetooth if u still have a choice to choose.


  21. blueMonday Says:

    I bought a generic bluetooth usb dongle after damaging a Kingston (CSR chipset) that I have for many years. The new device came with BlueSoleil 1.6.x.. However, the chipset (conwise) does not appear to work with any higher versions of BlueSoleil. To get everything working, I uninstalled BlueSoleil and PCSuite, then made sure “Windows\inf\bth.inf” was properly named and in place along with “Windows\inf\bth.PNF” (I had renamed them in the past to get the Kingston device to work). Then, after a clean reboot, inserted the dongle. XP automatically installed the driver and the bluetooth device started working. Then I installed PCSuite, ran through the connection dialogs and now everything works just fine! All this after wasting many hours trying to get various versions of BlueSoleil to work with PCSuite!

  22. I have class 1 & class 2 bliuetooth Dongle
    I need driver for window vista

  23. m.yaseen anjum Says:

    sir i did as you said but in run this message come
    loadlibrary(“”c:\program”)failed the specified module could not be found

  24. m.yaseen anjum Says:

    “Load Library (”D:\Program”) Failed – the specified module could not be found.
    please help

  25. Instead of
    regsvr32 “C:\Program Files\Common Files\PCSuite\Transports\NclIVTBTMM.dll”
    regsvr32 “C:\Progra~1\Common~1\PCSuite\Transports\NclIVTBTMM.dll”
    Otherwise the command prompt (DOS based) won’t be able to find the specified file.

  26. SalesGirl Says:

    Thanks so much – I searched the web for the key to my bluetooth woes and your advice was the only one that worked! Cheers!

  27. Sabbath Says:

    Very than you, it’s work. THX from Hungary

  28. nice suggestions. a few things I found have changed since this article was written. I used Windows XP SP3 , Nokia PCSuite, IVT_BlueSoleil_5.2.227.1_for_32bit_OS to connect to a Nokia 2600 Classic.

    1. The reboots worked fine .

    2. the step that involves “regsvr32….” is not required . In fact there is no file called “C:\Program Files\Common Files\PCSuite\Transports\NclIVTBTMM.dll” in that path on my install .

    3. The performance is very flaky. The phone disconnects very often and PCSuite simply hangs at times though I was able to back up my contacts once on my PC .

    4. Bluesoil now has a Hardware Check tool downloadable at It shows my phone model is not compatible with the Bluesoil version. Maybe thats why i am getting disconnected do often .

    1. Is there any timeout setting for the connection to stay active ?
    2. Whats a good reliable Bluetooth USB adapter available in India – something that works with PlugnPlay and allows me to use the Microsoft Bluetooth stack as opposed to theBluesoil one ?

  29. Agus Anggoro Says:

    Try this one, works for me :

    1. Uninstall Nokia PC Suite and Bluesoleil.

    2. Go to Add Remove Program, uninstall “Nokia Connectivity Cable Driver” and “PC Connectiity Solution”.

    3. Reboot

    4. Install Bluesoleil ver 1.6 and reboot.

    5. Install Nokia PC Suite ver (don’t use older or newer version, as long as I know, bluesoleil only match with this PC Suite version).

    6. It would be better if you use registry cleaner to make sure clean uninstallation.

    I’m using Nokia N70 with cheap USB Bluetooth and Bluesoleil bundled program, Microsoft Win XP SP2, and Laptop Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook.

  30. I have it working,
    Thanx to all of you,
    You were of a great help to me.
    I figure it out like this:

    Un-install IVT bluesoleil, Nokia Pc suit, Cable connection & Pc connectio.

    Restart PC,

    Download the Nokia pc suit from the like

    thanx to flipsurfer for this link

    and Sownload the Bluesoleil 5.05

    Install Bluesoleil then restart,
    Install Nokia 70 pc then restart once more.

    Manage you Nokia connection starting with bluetooth, pair your phone.
    AND here we go.

    that’s it.

    thank you.

  31. i hv used both bluesoleil and widcomm driver, and i feel the comfort of using widcomm driver is much higher. recently, after purchasing a new cheap bluetooth USB dongle, i dont know how to make it use the widcomm driver. any help will be highly appreciated


  32. Thanks mate for the solution.
    I have found another easy way to connect IBT Bluesoleil with Nokia PC Suit, I have tried this and it works perfectly for me.
    here you go:

    1] Start your IVT Bluesoleil software.
    2] Find your device by clickin on the Bluetooth Device Discovery option in My Bluetooth menu.
    3] If your phone supports Bluetooth Serial Port Service.
    4] Then connect your phone to this service.It will automatically install Virtual Serial Ports on your computer named as COM 5,COM 7.
    5] Now start your PC-Suit and start your bluetooyh connection.

  33. here is the easiest solution i think everyone overlooked

    1)plug in the generic usb dongle
    2)windows will show new hardware wizard. use this to automatically search for drivers.
    3)restart computer
    4)you should now have microsoft bluetooth enumerator and microsoft bluetooth radio installed
    %)pair with the computer
    ^)use pc suite to do whatever you want

  34. drvinaykumar Says:

    orchid blue tooth dongle is very good and is worth value for money even with little costlier

  35. jeez…thanks for this webpage…and to all the contributors !

    Adrian’s solution worked best and easiest, just uninstall everything before starting on his suggestion.
    Dont install any bluesoleil crap herein !!

    why can’t nokia warn us of crap like this beforehand so we dont have to curse them for no fault of their own…you would think by now they would have documented all this.

  36. thanks a lot! =] working fine on my laptop and phone!!!

  37. Neeraj Dube Says:

    I have XP sp3, nokia 5310, pc suite,and bluesoliel IVT BlueSoleil (Version: 6.2.227, Build: 11)fully functional crack version, however when i try to establish connection through pc suite connection manager via bluetooth, the phone and computer detect each other and computer sends pass key to mobile, the mobile shows that computer is paired however the PC suits gives a message that “cannot access the phone”. Please help.

  38. Neeraj Dube Says:

    forgot to add, i use usb bluetooth dongle ISSCBTA.

  39. altairpearl8 Says:

    can some one help me to use conwise bluetooth dongle USB\VID_0E5E&PID_6622\5&867F984&0&2
    havin mbt 503-03 board to work with widcomm!!!!plz plz plz that would be a gr8 help plzz

  40. altairpearl8 Says:

    can some one help me to use conwise bluetooth dongle USB\VID_0E5E&PID_6622\5&867F984&0&2
    havin mbt 503-03 board to work with widcomm!!!!plz plz plz that would be a gr8 help plzzzz

  41. thanks… it’s work for me…

  42. Hi
    It is better not to use Bluesoleil BT , it meshes, whole the registry, makes own DUN. PAN etc. and many of the drivers.Makes non editable registry entries

  43. will try setting up again later partner will look into it ok thankyou1

  44. Is there anybody who can help me? Pls help me. I have a MSI- Core-i3 Laptop, where there is bluetooth device inside my laptop. And I have windows-7 Starter edition original installed in my MSI Notebook. My bluetooth device inside Laptop is Motorola. The device driver is installed automaticaly. But when I install Nokia PCsuit latest version for my Nokia 5800, and try to connect pcsuit and my nokia mobile it shows no hardware/software found for this connection type. But if I install Bluesoleil then it works. But the problem is bluesoleil is not free. Would you pls provide me a perfect bluetooth stack for my MSI laptop bluetooth device?

  45. Mohammed Chinikamwala Says:

    I dont have Transports\NclIVTBTMM.dl in my common files folder so help me please therefore i am unable to register it as well .

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