6681 v6.09.00

Just noticed, Nokia India has a firmware upgrade for 6681. Wow wow wow … not that there is anything wrong with my cellphone right now (running v5.37.01). Back up  contacts, calendar and messages using Nokia PC Suite. Backup phone memory to  memory card (Tools > Memory > Backup).

Downloaded the Nokia Software Updater. It tells me to attach the battery charger to the handset. Probably the battery is too low. Did that (I’m feeling extra adventurous today).

Nokia Software UpdaterDownloading the upgraded firmware v6.09 now (25MB). Looked around, see if anyone had any issues with this update…the only thing I can find is a forum post relating to Smartmovie not working post update. I can live with that.

Updating begins…hold your breath. Nokia Software Updater at work

Finally, its done. Updated to v6.09.00 27-02-06. Done updating to v6.09

Had to restart once, to see the network strength bars properly. Contacts and text messages lost (as anticipated). Lets see, what else. Nothing much to tell the difference on first look. No apparent problems, no special gains! Let me try this for a few days.

Two Months with the Updated Firmware:

Well, like I posted earlier, I notice no difference in performance or stability with my handset. I’d say, it was quite stable then and as stable now. The only time I face a problem is when memory intensive apps are run on the handset. I still have quite a bit of trouble with Java games. Obviously that’s due to the low RAM on the device and the firmware upgrade is not going to help you there (sucks…I know). Besides that I had a rather curious OS crash once. I received an incoming call and while I was talking, the OS crashed and rebooted, and the Theme had reverted back to Nokia default one. Never happened again and I’m not sure if that is related to the firmware upgrade or not.

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